A Colour Coded Valentine's Day
for You For February 2015

Love is the most profound emotion of all and if you've found true love, you've found it all! But then, nothing comes without its share of trappings and so does love, especially if Valentine's Day is around the corner. What you get for your beloved is not the most important thing for a perfect Valentine celebration; the colour of your attire is equally significant. So, we bring to you the meaning of your chosen colour, so that your feelings are conveyed to your beloved.

Red is the most common colour chosen by people on this day; actually, it denotes your passion towards your beloved, making it an apt choice for this occasion. Yellow, though not a common choice for this day, may help in making your celebration livelier by adding a touch of vitality between two people. Maybe you don't need anybody telling you this but pink is perhaps the ideal choice for Valentine's Day because it rightly expresses love, affection, understanding and warmth.

Feeling the blues might not be the most pleasant expression but the colour blue signifies much more than that. For instance, a darker shade of blue is a way of expressing deep feelings and this makes it an excellent choice for men as their go-to colour on Valentine's Day. Green, as a colour, signifies optimism, benevolence and understanding, which are the key ingredients in a relationship. So, darker shades of green for men and lighter shades for women will make for an ideal choice for a Valentine's Day outfit.

White is known for denoting innocence and purity like no other colour and can be used to convey the same feelings. It is a beautiful colour to be worn by both men and women and a white dress will be best complemented by white roses. Grey, though a stunning shade on its own, does nothing for the expression of love but can be incorporated in the attire of the man though women should avoid it altogether.

Last but not the least, the colour black, which incidentally also happens to be the most stylish and favoured colour for occasions, is the best choice for men to look dapper. Ladies, too, can burn the floor when dressed in black but for this particular day it might be great if you opt for more feminine shades and let the man go with black. Here's wishing you a happy colour coded Valentine's Day!

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