Feng Shui For December 2021

Feng Shui Tips for Positive Vibes!

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In the traditional sense, Feng Shui is the art of keeping objects in a way that help the good energy flow around your living space. Feng Shui takes care of the five main elements; fire, earth, wood, water and metal. Every element has the capability to flow in a different direction, carrying energy along and changing its environment. Therefore, it is all about filling the place with positive energy. Here are some tips that will help energise your living space:

To start with, get rid of all the clutter in your living space. Always keep your house tidy and clean, including your front path or any pathway leading up to your house.

In Feng Shui, plants are believed to bring good fortune. Besides adding visual appeal, plants also have their own special benefits. It is always good to have plants in the house, especially wooden plants, as the wood element stands for new beginnings, growth and prosperity.

Fresh flowers are not only great to tell someone you care. They also bring good luck and fortune. Therefore, keep fresh flowers in your living space. However, once they wither, throw them out as they give out negative energy!

If you wish to bring people together in a room, paint an accent wall in a shade of orange since it is a welcoming colour for places like hallways that need warming up. You can explore a range of texture paint on Berger’s Colour Catalogue.

Using a sweet-smelling fragrance can enhance the chi of a space. It can also raise your personal chi, increasing the energy around you. With the help of Feng Shui, awaken and direct an emotional response using scents.

Keep these Feng Shui tips in mind to create a positive and peaceful living space that contributes to your growth and prosperity.

Wind-chimes direct good chi into stagnant and dull spaces. If you are hanging it in the north, west or north-west, metal wind-chimes are the best while wooden or bamboo chimes are preferred for the east, south and south-west. For earth energy sectors such as northeast and southwest, ceramic wind-chimes are your go-to.

Hope you find these tips helpful.


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Reiki For December 2021

Reiki Tips For Your Bedroom!

While decorating your bedroom, it is important to be aware of the subconscious choices you make in terms of colours and bedroom wall design schemes. Reiki believers and practitioners swear by the below Reiki tips to create a bedroom that exudes positive energy.

Photographs and artwork

A bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing retreat after a long day at work. It should create a feeling of comfort and serenity. Therefore, it is a good idea to hang photographs of your loved ones, be it your significant other or your children.

Neutral bed linens

Refreshing your bed linen is the easiest way to set the right mood and ambience. Do not use bright colours or busy patterns as it can ruin the energy in your bedroom.

If you have trouble falling asleep or feel anxious, opt for a neutral colour pattern in your bedroom and feel the difference!


Were you aware that it is a bad idea to keep fresh flowers in the bedroom? This is because it takes away oxygen which one essentially needs during the sleep cycle.

Instead, it is recommended that you burn essential oils or light a single candle that helps create a calm and soothing environment. Pick peppermint, lavender, sandalwood and ylang-ylang to relax after a tiring day. Do not choose orange, lemon, grapefruit and other citrusy fragrances before bed as they can end up energising you instead of making you feel calm. Keep these oils in the kitchen instead of the bedroom to separate the energy.

Poor lighting

Lighting can play a huge role on our emotions. In the evening, always choose soft lighting so your eyes can begin to relax. It is recommended that your bedroom have table lamps with soft lighting. You can also have sconces, floor lamps and pendants, but look for something with a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness.

Hope you find these Reiki bedroom ideas useful to create positive and peaceful energy in your bedroom.


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Feng Shui

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Vaastu For December 2021

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Creating A Vaastu-Compliant Home Exterior!

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That brown and yellow house with white windows. Colour – it is among the easiest ways to recognise a house from afar. It is no secret that the exteriors of your house play a huge role in creating a lasting impression. However, finding the perfect colour combination for your house is not always as easy. Worry not - we’ll help you make it effortless with some Vaastu-friendly Indian house colour combination outside wall ideas.

When painting or repainting your home, it is important to start the process by understanding the architecture of the home as well as the surroundings.

Blue and green

The colour green is associated with nature, growth and relaxation. As per Vaastu, green colour is considered to bring positivity, making it a great shade for exterior walls. Teamed with a shade of blue can lend tranquillity and calm, making your home a peaceful abode.

Our picks from Berger Colour Catalogue - RHYTHMIC BLUE (5D2249) and COOL GARDEN (4D0982)

Yellow and grey

Create a welcoming look by opting for a chirpy shade of yellow. Pair it with a neutral shade like grey for a classy yet trendy look.

Our picks from Berger Colour Catalogue - SUNFLOWER PETAL (3D0782) and GREY RAIN (8D1830)

Orange and purple

Orange is another colour that will not disappoint. Not only does the vibrant colour look great but it also exudes warmth, bringing joy into lives. According to Vaastu for home, complementing it with a shade of purple is also a good option as it stands for stability and durability of relationships.

Our picks from Berger Colour Catalogue - ORANGE SPICE (2A0664) and RICH PURPLE (6D2359)

Lavender and cream

Lavender is a wonderful exterior colour scheme, especially when paired with a rich shade of cream.

Our picks from Berger Colour Catalogue - PETITE LAVENDER (5D0299) and CREAM SWIRLS (7P0337)

We hope this article helps you pick the best colour for your home exteriors aligned with Vaastu. If you are still confused about the right exterior colour combination, you can consult our Berger Express Painting professionals who can take the guesswork out. Connect with us on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030 or SMS ‘XP’ to 56767.


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Read this article to know some interesting Vaastu-friendly wall exterior colour combinations.

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