What’s Your True Personality Colour for 2020?

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Is RED your true personality colour? Maybe it is BLUE or GREEN. To find out, take this quiz and your true personality colour will be revealed!

How do people describe you?
  • A) Creative and charming
  • B) Communicative and dependable
  • C) Optimistic and spontaneous
Which career would you enjoy opting for?
  • A) Journalism or social service
  • B) Acting or teaching
  • C) Sales or photography
What is your biggest weakness?
  • A) Stubborn
  • B) Highly sensitive
  • C) Pushy
What would you like to be perceived as?
  • A) Funny
  • B) Intelligent
  • C) Caring
Which skill fits you the best?
  • A) Writing
  • B) Communicating
  • C) Researching
What frustrates you the most?
  • A) Loud music
  • B) Tardiness
  • C) Bad odour
What is your greatest strength?
  • A) Helping others
  • B) Being organised
  • C) Being brave
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