What Does Your Favourite Colour Say About You?

white and brown living room decor and walls

What is your favourite colour? Take our fun quiz and find out what your favourite colour says about you!

What kind of a person are you?
  • A) Party person
  • B) Day out loving person
  • C) Quiet dinner person
What is your favourite colour?
  • A) Black
  • B) Blue
  • C) Red
Would you…
  • A) Have parties, socialize and enjoy music
  • B) Go on a long drive
  • C) Have quality time with the people closest to you
How artistic are you?
  • A) A lot
  • B) A bit
  • C) Not at all
Which is your favourite holiday destination?
  • A) Switzerland
  • B) Ireland
  • C) Maldives
What dessert would you prefer?
  • A) Apple pie
  • B) Waffles
  • C) Custard
What do you do on a Sunday afternoon?
  • A) Do something creative
  • B) Hit the gym
  • C) Sleep
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