Capture the Magic of Christmas! For December 2015

Christmas Festive Decor

Festivals are happy occasions that come once in a while and must be celebrated with gusto. It keeps life afresh and adds a little something to our year, don't you think? Which is why, this holiday season, we plan to provide you with plenty of festive touches for your home to make your Christmas merrier!

As with every other year, the trends in the home décor industry are influenced by its cousin, the fashion industry. It comes as no surprise then that this year, the flavour of the season is animal prints, while the colours of the winter season are black and white, two eternal favourites. There's much more, so read and let's get ready to capture the magic of the festive season!

Shimmer and Shine

Make a statement and encapsulate the spirit of the season with shimmering mercury glassware or vases. Place these in open areas, especially where there is plenty of light. This will allow it to reflect the sun and bring in some shine. Place some flowers in the vases for a touch of colour and watch your interiors light up!

T-Light It Up
Nothing is as comforting as the flicker of candlelight, especially during winter. So bring in some holiday cosiness with t-lights. You can also create beautiful and creative DIY t-light holders for that festive touch. Putting t-lights in a hand painted mason jar or simply printing festive designs and wrapping them around t-lights are just a couple of suggestions.

Happy Colours
Keep the winter blues away by filling your space with little bursts and pops of colour. A boldly patterned cushion or pillow, a vibrant throw, or an energetic rug can do the trick. A colourful vase or dining table placemats or any other colourful element can work just as well. This not just ensures that your decor keeps up the colourful vibes of the season but also keeps you cheery.

Bauble Paradise
Christmas and baubles are unanimous with each other, then why not use this colourful element in your house to amplify that festive feeling? Hang colourful baubles on multi-coloured ribbons and hang them from window frames, in your child's room or even on your bed's headboard.

Give your house a quick and stylish festive update with these fun and simple tips that can transform your home into a cosy and holiday themed refuge. See you next year with more décor tips, trends and creative ideas.

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