Why do we need to be
careful when choosing
colours for our interiors? For December 2014

The human brain is much more capable than we ever give it credit for and it picks up on thousands of tiny details per second which we don't even realize consciously. These subconscious observations go a long way in shaping our perceptions, thereby affecting our actions. Not surprisingly, when we walk into a room, the first thing that we notice are its colours and the reactions can range from 'wow' to 'what'!

Well, that was about perceptions and subconscious thinking, but what got us thinking was why we stress so much on the use of colours on our interiors. If we speak of basics, a house only needs certain rudimentary elements like furniture, wall painting and lighting. The question is then, why do we go to such great lengths to ensure an aesthetically pleasing interior décor scheme for our homes?

The answer again lies in our underlying psychological needs and traits. Look around your house carefully. Do the same colour schemes keep presenting themselves again and again? Then, perhaps, that is the colour you are most drawn to and the overall tone that you have created for your interiors is an indicator of your personality. Regardless of personal choices and personality type, there are certain aspects of home décor which cannot be ignored under any circumstances and balance is one such critical aspect. It is of utmost importance to ensure that your colour combinations balance each other out.

A simple balancing rule is to not use any one colour too much, as that will appear overwhelming. We realize that everyone cannot be an expert in matching colours, so it is advisable that you opt for it by starting small. Start with trying to accessorize your house by using décor items in a few different shades and balance them against each other. This way, you will get a better idea of what you like and how you would like your interiors to appear.

Whatever you do, be very careful about the colour you choose because you will either end up loving it or hating it, and hating the colour at your home is certainly not something you want to do. So, choose carefully and wisely!

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