What Colour Is Your Personality?

white and brown living room decor and walls

Are you a cool blue, sunny yellow or fiery red? Find out with this fun test!

A shade name that resonates with you from Berger’s Colour Catalogue?
  • A) Muse of the sea
  • B) Summer sun
  • C) Sheer red
If you had to pick a movie genre to describe your life?
  • A) Romantic comedy
  • B) Slapstick comedy
  • C) Action
What is your favourite world cuisine?
  • A) Mediterranean
  • B) Thai
  • C) Mexican
What is your idea of relaxation?
  • A) Watching a sitcom
  • B) Reading a book
  • C) Baking cookies
If you had to pick the most appealing movie with a colour in the title?
  • A) The Blue Lagoon
  • B) Yellow Submarine
  • C) The Thin Red Line
If you could pick only one delicious fruit kept on the table?
  • A) Kiwis
  • B) Mangoes
  • C) Cherries
Which room would you pick for a free makeover?
  • A) Bedroom
  • B) Living room
  • C) Kitchen
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