Find out your music colour personality!

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Music is the most common form of entertainment for most of us. So, we decided to find out your music colour personality! First, we will try to understand what type of music you like the most and then reveal your colour personality!

Do you like dancing fast?
  • A) Depends on my mood
  • B) No, I like swaying at my own rhythm
  • C) Obviously!
What kind of music appeals to you?
  • A) Opera
  • B) Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap and Pop
  • C) Soft Rock, R&B and Country
On Friday Nights, you are usually found at…
  • A) A club
  • B) Reading the latest best-seller
  • C) Chilling at a friend’s place
How do you applaud?
  • A) Clapping politely
  • B) By hooting and clapping
  • C) By screaming and punching the air
Which of these kinds of movies feature your kind of music?
  • A) Urban Drama
  • B) Romantic Comedy
  • C) Action Movies
You like to…
  • A) Sleep
  • B) Read
  • C) Party
Music is best enjoyed…
  • A) Alone
  • B) With friends
  • C) In a huge crowd
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