Make Your Monsoon Colourful! For August 2015

The rains are lovely, we agree, but it is a little difficult for us to look lovely while it is pouring cats and dogs! With the high humidity, which makes our makeup all runny and is the reason for many a bad hair day, it is not easy to look your best. On top of everything, it's not easy to choose what we want to wear because not all colours work during the monsoon. Some colours are too dull for the grey atmosphere while others are too light and bright to be maintained!

This does land most of us in a fix about which colour to opt for but we decided to come to your rescue and help you with picking the best colours. So, here is a list of colours you should use, while some others you should avoid like the plague!

Yellow: One of the brightest and happiest colours of the colour spectrum, yellow fits in perfectly with the grey skies. Just make sure that your bottoms are not yellow because they may get stained by mud and you are good to go. Incidentally, yellow also makes for the prettiest of raincoats and umbrellas!

Orange: A very pretty colour which also has the power to add life to any setting! Being a warm and comforting colour, you can use it in its various shades and play around with different items. For example, get a printed orange skirt, a pretty scarf, cool orange shoes and don them on different days with different outfits.

Pink: By pink, we don't mean the light baby pink, in fact, stay away from that colour during the rains. We're talking about a richer shade of pink. A darker pink can add the necessary colour without hurting the eyes and guess what? It is easy to clean too, all the more reason to go pink!

Blue: This colour is not everybody's favourite colour for no reason! Be it rain or shine, you can totally sparkle in a blue outfit and spread some cheer on a typically gloomy monsoon day. Be it a royal blue dress or a pretty sky blue scarf you picked up, blue can salvage any bad looking day for you!

White: Now, this is one colour you should avoid like the plague! It is pretty and lovely we know, but you also know how difficult it is to get rid of those stubborn mud stains. Additionally, you move around the entire day looking like an unhygienic person!

Brown & Grey: The mud on the ground is brown in colour and the skies are overcast with grey clouds. Need we say more? You definitely don't want to blend in with your surroundings and look as dull as them. So, brown and grey are the colours thou shalt not even think of!

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