Importance ofLighting in interior Decor For August 2014

Home decor and interior design is not just about the right furniture, there are many more elements involved in having one's ideal home aura created. One of the more important, but neglected aspects of house décor, is choosing the perfect lighting. For most people, lighting is just something that allows you to see. But there's so much more to it than that. Read More…

Lighting can be used to create illusions, to highlight objects, to set a particular atmosphere and to give out the essence and vibes of a place. Lights must be chosen with great care because they can help you achieve the desired effect for your interior and improve the overall look of your house. The brightness of the light being used is a determining factor of the vibes and appearances of a room. Bright lights can make a room look much bigger than it actually is, as it gives us an illusion of spaciousness and largeness. Therefore, bright lights are recommended for small rooms with cramped furniture, as it prevents a room from looking cluttered.

Bright colours are also useful in maintaining high levels of energy and should be placed in rooms where studying takes place to keep one's mood fresh and alert. Dim lights, on the other hand, make a room look warmer and cosier, hence making it smaller, but in a comfortable way. It is recommended that one uses dim lights in large rooms that may seem uncomfortably big with bright lights. Dim lights help bring about a feeling of homeliness, which is why places like living rooms and dining rooms should usually feature dim lights in order to make them comfy and inviting. However, dim lights also give off a laidback vibe, so it is only recommended for areas where work is not expected to happen. This is how variations in the brightness of the lighting of an area are extremely essential and should not be taken lightly.

Lights are also useful when one wishes to highlight a particular area. This kind of lighting can be directed towards a wall, a painting, a door or anything worth paying attention to. Any brightened area is a huge eye-catcher and immediately makes an area noticeable. Beam lights are also used as a pleasant change from standard lights for a different and more elegant effect. And it's not just lights one must pay attention to, but also the colours on one's wall, as different colours reflect light differently. If the walls are dark, a brighter light should be used to make a room pleasant and vice versa. Today, it is not uncommon for furniture to feature in-built lighting as well, so you can experiment with your colour and lighting tastes. Essentially, lights are now being recognised as an important part of interior decor, as they should be. Now you know how to use them, so light up your surroundings wisely!

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