A Colourful Caribbean Delight! For April 2020

Trinidad, a 500-year old town attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is considered to be one of the most well-preserved colonial towns in the Caribbean, thanks to its historical centre and colourful architecture.

Look around Trinidad and you can see colours everywhere. An array of vibrant colours has been used throughout the town to give life to its buildings. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the nearby Valle de los Ingenios since 1988.

Step into Trinidad and you are welcomed by colourful and iconic avenues. You can hop on a horse and explore the town. You are bound to come across bakers selling their bread from street to street, making it a true sensory delight! Trinidad is so colourful, picturesque and interesting that you can create Instagram photos for a year, just by walking around the town. Now, isn’t that amazing?

If you like walking on foot, exploring new places, then don’t forget to walk down the cobblestoned paths that are heritage from the times that slaves were being brought here in ships. In fact, it is like being in a time warp. There are classic cars on the streets and also relatively modern vehicles.

You will also see street performers sitting around, randomly singing Cuban songs to their heart’s content so you are sure to experience the Cuban street music when in town.

Today, Holi is played with great enthusiasm in the two Northern cities of India, Vrindavan and Mathura that is associated with Lord Krishna.

You can also look at the sunset from the top of Convento San Francisco de Asis with a view over the town and a wonderful view of the sea. At night, you can enjoy the live music scene which is believed to be really good.

A trip to Trinidad is incomplete without visiting Plaza Mayor. Its iconic bell tower is the most photographed spot in Trinidad and features on many postcards as well.

And since you are visiting colourful Cuba, you cannot miss the vibrant Havana, a slightly chaotic city packed with dilapidated yet beautiful buildings, historic forts, lively music and magnificent palaces.

Hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of one of the most colourful places in the world. Until next time!


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