Which Fruit Are You?

white and brown living room decor and walls

We believe fruits have personalities. Take this quiz to find out whether you are like an Apple, Banana or Chikoo!

You are at your favourite store, and are allowed to choose just one thing. You pick…
  • A) A set of art supplies
  • B) The latest album by your favourite singer
  • C) A dress
You have a long holiday and you are planning on a vacation! You can’t wait to…
  • A) Go sightseeing
  • B) Eat out
  • C) Shop
The walls in your bedroom are covered with…
  • A) Portraits
  • B) Pictures of friends or family
  • C) Posters of favourite animals and birds
At a party, you are most likely to…
  • A) Have a meaningful conversation with someone
  • B) Set the dance floor on fire
  • C) Move around talking to everyone
What would be your dream house?
  • A) A chocolate factory
  • B) A huge bungalow which can be shared with friends
  • C) A house near the sea
Which is your favourite season?
  • A) Summer
  • B) Rainy
  • C) Winter
Your favourite dessert?
  • A) Ice creams
  • B) Chocolates
  • C) Brownies and pastries
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