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Here is a list of specially curated colours that our in-house experts think will rule the home decor space in 2021. Read on!

If you are on the lookout for unique blends for your living space, you have come to the right place. From earthy tones, ocean-inspired blues to forest greens, here are some of the top colours you can expect to see a lot in the coming months.

Gorgeous Grey – TUXEDO TAIL

room paint colours

Earlier this year, PANTONE announced its Colour of the Year with one of the two colours being grey. This is why it should come as no surprise that we have chosen it in this colour compilation as well.

We believe that a lick of paint can transform a room and if it is a versatile shade like grey, you can rest assured that it will exude class and elegance. Monochrome can work wonders and add a surprising amount of character if used well.

Get acquainted with this gorgeous steel grey shade named TUXEDO TAIL from Berger’s Colour Catalogue, closest match to Pantone’s ULTIMATE GRAY. It is a firm and dependable hue, and will not disappoint.

Cheerful Yellow – SUNFLOWER PETAL

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Colour enthusiasts rejoice! We have the perfect colour injection to get you ready for the coming months. If you don’t fancy neutrals and are looking for a brighter colour, we have yellow! You can renew your interiors with a peppy shade of yellow. It brings to mind images of fully-bloomed sunflowers on the windowsill, evoking hope and positivity.

Wouldn’t you fancy a sunny shade like SUNFLOWER PETAL from Berger’s Colour Catalogue and add vibrance to your living space? It pays the perfect ode to Pantone’s ILLUMINATING, which is a bright and vivacious hue.

Glorious Green – GRASS CARPET

room colour

Given the amount of time we have all spent in our homes the past year, and given our need for finding happiness, it is only natural that we think of bringing the outdoors in.

Say hello to GRASS CARPET, a glorious leafy green shade from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. It is a hue that can help you feel at peace and evoke the feeling of being in a serene garden, one with nature.

Deep Blue – BERRY BLUE

living room colours

Deep hues have a reassuringly sublime nature, delivering the effect of a peaceful oasis in your living space. Add a splash of dark blue to your home for a similar impact.

Meet BERRY BLUE, a beautiful blue hue, reminiscent of delicious blueberries, from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. This is one delectable shade that you can’t go wrong with.

Beautiful Beige – SANDY SHORES

wall colour

Warm and earthy, a shade like beige brings a sense of comfort, radiating warmth and well-being. This is one colour that is sure to make your home feel cosy.

Let us introduce you to SANDY SHORES, a sand-brown shade from Berger’s Colour Catalogue that promises to virtually transport you straight to a lovely seashore.

Tantalising Teal – BELLA AQUA

house colour

A hue like teal can do wonders and create a visually-appealing living space. It reminds us of the vast ocean that is one of nature’s beauties, reminiscent of the translucent teal waters of Maldives.

BELLA AQUA, a revitalising blue-green hue from Berger’s Colour Catalogue is perfect to bring the beauty of the sea to your home. 

Pretty Purple – DARK AMETHYST

house paint colors

Sometimes you don’t need much in a room except a pop of colour to be your statement piece. It is bold and always works as a conversation starter, sure to make your home feel rich and classy.

DARK AMETHYST from Berger’s Colour Catalogue for an accent wall will lift the mood in any space.

Citrusy orange – CHIFFON SOUFFLE

wall paint colors

Focussed on joy and expression, a citrusy hue is perfect for a creative corner. It is the ideal mood-setter for your living space. If you are a fan of bright colours, you will have a lot to play around with when it comes to orange hues.

Presenting one of our most favourite orange shade, CHIFFON SOUFFLE from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. This is a colour that you need on the walls if you are looking for a fresh burst of energy.


home wall colour

Create an inviting and classy atmosphere with a flaming red hue on your precious walls. You don’t need a lot of this shade to make an impact. You can try a red accent wall colour in a transitional space like a corridor or an entryway.

Discover ENGLISH VERMILION from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. This beautiful shade of red can serve as an appealing backdrop in the favourite corner of your home.

Lovely lilac – BIT OF LILAC

living room colors

Let’s wrap up our list of colours on a sweet note. Lilac is one of the most exciting pastels that we look forward to. It makes us dream of the spring season with birds chirping and the sweet smell of flowers in the air! This hue works wonderfully in all kinds of décor style, be it modern, contemporary or vintage.

Take a moment to appreciate this soothing lilac hue known as BIT OF LILAC from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. It is the perfect choice if you wish to enhance the visual appeal of your home.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, there are many house paint colors for you to choose from.

All the room paint colours mentioned here have the ability to set the mood and atmosphere you want. Whether you are someone who jumps on the wagon of new colour trends or you want to take some time to sit back and think through these colours to decide which works best with your sense of aesthetic, make sure you take a look at this useful list thoroughly before setting any home painting plans into motion.

We hope you like the selection of wall paint colors that we have put together for you so that you can create a whole new mood and vibe in your home.

Here’s hoping that 2021 turns out to be an exciting time for homeowners and interior designers both! For a professional painting service, you can get in touch with our painting experts, click here or SMS ‘XP’ to 56767.

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