Rose flower

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, declarations of love are in the air everywhere and what is better than a bunch of flowers to express your love. Flowers have been the most indispensable item across ages to profess love and affection and till date nothing can beat the tenderness of flowers.

All flowers are special in their own ways but roses, especially red roses are a clear winner amongst all the other flowers. There is something special about the passion that a bunch of red roses can convey to your beloved or lover.

While red roses are a favourite, it is important to take note of the fondness you have for the person you are giving the roses to. It is sometimes better to not give red roses because red roses stand for intense love and if you are not sure about the intensity of your love, we suggest you take things slow!

There is no reason to be disheartened as there are other options besides red roses, depending on the kind of emotions you want to convey. To make things convenient for you, we list out the different coloured roses, which you can gift your loved ones and the meaning your roses will convey. Let us begin with white roses which are as beautiful as only white can be and are the epitome of pure and true love bordering on reverence. On the other hand, pink roses are best for those who are just beginning to admire someone and feel a sweet rush of emotions on seeing each other.

For those who are just about getting to know each other, it is best to go with a yellow rose and cement your friendship before taking things to the next level. Although not very common but orange roses also have the potential to make a great gift. Orange roses are perfect for those relationships which are full of happiness and exuberance topped with the desire to be with each other.

All said and done the fact remains that red is the most preferred colour of roses to be gifted to your beloved on Valentine’s Day. One of the main reasons behind this is also the fact that it is the favourite flower of Venus- the Roman Goddess of love and beauty. This further adds to the appeal of red roses and makes them the perfect symbol of passion, love and beauty.

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