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Gorgeous Bedroom Colour Combination That Are Scientific

Your haven is one of the rooms in your home where you unwind after a long day, so you must put effort into choosing the right bedroom colour. Of course, the accessories, furniture and upholstery add to the look, but bedroom paint colors make the first impression.

Science says that colours can affect our moods, and certain bedroom colours play a major role in our health and mental well-being. Hence, it becomes crucial to wisely choose the colour for room. Get fantastic bedroom colour ideas from us, to create a calming space.

Why Are Colours Important for Your Bedroom?               

As mentioned, room wall colours can affect the mood, and while the bedroom is the one place you look for a tranquil ambience, choosing the wrong colour for room will potentially affect your sleep. Cooler bedroom wall colours like blue and green are known to have shorter wavelengths that are perfect for a relaxing feel, as against warm bedroom tones like red and orange. These solid shades are quite stimulating and not what you’d want in your bedroom when you are just about winding down. Neutral bedroom paint colors reflect a relaxed vibe, being ideal best colours for bedroom. Get express painting done by experts.


How Colors Affect Your Sleep

Colour psychology advocates the use of specific colours for room based on the emotions they evoke – some stimulate calmness, while others awaken the sense of alertness and the mind. Muted bedroom paint colors and two colour combination for bedroom walls can help reduce stress and calm the nervous system, something we all need in this fast-paced lifestyle.

Read on to understand how bedroom colour can affect your sleep and mood, and learn about the bedroom colour combination you should choose for the best sleep. While you may choose the best room colour for aesthetic appeal, here are some bedroom best colour according to science.


Bed with large with pillows and a blue wall behind

Authentic Blue Wall Colour Combination

Found everywhere in nature, blue is a soothing shade associated with the waters and the cloudless sky. Soft blue instils a tranquil atmosphere, so you can choose from blue-green or blue-grey two-colour combination for bedroom walls. These calming shades seem almost surreal when you enter your abode.


Ayurvedic Green Wall Colour Combination

Muted shades of green feel ameliorating and create a synchronized look in the room. Think mint green, sage, emerald or lime green as best room colour. Some of the most beautiful bedroom wall colors are yellow-green, aqua, and olive green – there is a lot more liberty with green. Another colour that is the closest to nature, it surely injects a peaceful vibe into the room.

fully furnished modern yellow walls bedroom

Warm Yellow Wall Colour Combination

The colour yellow is known to arouse strong emotional and physical responses being one of the most visible with its radiance. It is a colour that brings in a burst of energy, a happy feeling. Neutral shades of yellow when used as a bedroom colour induce warmth and comfort. Darker shades of yellow as the colour for the room must be avoided as intense daylight wouldn’t be an ideal way to wake up.

Lovely Lush Lavender Wall  

Lavender is a soft hue that instantly lightens the mind, making you at ease. This is one of the best room colours that can be matched with a combination of cream or white – the perfect haven or a relaxing vibe. Just what you need after a long day at work. This shade is great as a small bedroom wall colour or for a bigger space.

Soothing Pastels Room Colour  

Science says that pastel shades are the best colours for bedroom that render serenity to the space. Some of the best colors for bedroom walls are shades of pink, blue, green and lavender. Introduce the elegant side of these bedroom paint colors with the help of accents, and combinations and complement the look with the right upholstery, to serve up a range of fantastic interiors.

Stunning White Wall Colour 

White remains a popular choice as a bedroom colour, but you can create your own palette of creativity with plush combinations and wooden accents. White bedroom colour, no doubt is one that stirs effortless calmness

Neutral Browns Combination For Wall

Adopting shades of brown bedroom paint colors can make the room appear cosy. You can use brown colours as a base or as an accent to achieve a look that is not too bold. It also makes a great statement wall.


Things to remember while selecting a colour for your bedroom walls

We hope we have helped you in determining which colour is best for bedroom. However, know a few tips before selecting a bedroom colour.

  •  Use of accent colour for room can create a fantastic contrast, where you can match a dark wall with calming shades.
  • Avoid glossy finishes as these reflect light and kill the very purpose of a calming ambience.
  • The same shade throughout lends a calming effect, but sometimes it may seem dull; so, you can spruce up with the different room wall colour that can blend easily.
  • Use of accents can enhance the bedroom colour on the walls.


Colors to Avoid for Bedroom Wall

  • In order to create your zen haven, avoid the use of these bedroom paint colors that can hurt your mood and mind, keeping you far from relaxed.
  • Vibrant or bold colour for room is an absolute no-no! these include the likes of reds and oranges which are typically associated with being super energetic.
  • Bright purple, and neon pink should also never be used as bedroom colour as these are overly stimulating. Purple instils creativity that can also lead to intense dreams and nightmares. S=so, this can be changed with soft lavender.
  • Dark greys and browns evoke feelings of uncertainty. Excessive use of grey, which though is a neutral shade, can stir a depressive vibe.
  • However, while these vibrant room wall colours are not recommended, you can match these with combinations or have muted versions of these, if bold is what you prefer, or even have a statement wall with these bedroom paint colors.


Colour trends keep changing but what is important is having your haven that reflects your personality and instils the ambience that you desire. For most of us, bedroom is the space where we rejuvenate, hence calm and soothing bedroom wall colors are the best colours for room. Get your home painted in the best room colour from Berger.



1) What color attracts positive energy?
Happy shades of yellow and pink bring in positive energy. These are warm and bright hues that are visibly energetic.

2)What is a happy color for a bedroom?
Yellow is undeniably a colour that infuses happy vibes, refreshing and energizing the entire space.

3)Which colour is best for bedroom According to Psychology?
A soft palette of pastels makes for the best bedroom paint colors. Shades of blue, green and yellow are wonderful bedroom wall colours that inject a calm and relaxing vibe.

4)Which colour is best for sleeping?
Blue, yellow, green, silver, orange, pink, and white are some of the bedroom best colours. These hues are known to calm the neurological system and lessen stress.

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