House Painting in Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, joy, and celebrations is on its way. Learn why it is synonymous with home painting and how you can give a festive touch to your home walls.

Diwali, one of the most widely celebrated festivals is round the corner. It comes with a lot of excitement, bringing all the family members together and creating a happy and cheerful atmosphere.

It has been observed since time immemorial that during the days leading up to Diwali, one customary ritual people do is clean their homes thoroughly and paint home walls. This is done to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, who is believed to enter only clean, well-lit homes, bringing prosperity and well being.

Though celebrations will be low-key this year owing to the pandemic, there is no need to let it spoil your mood or keep you from having a good time with your family members in the safety of your homes.

Get ready to transform your home in a way that it looks grand and luxurious. Without further ado, delve straight into how you can spruce up your home walls for the upcoming festivities.

Play with a festive palette

turquoise wall living room

We understand that the pandemic and the ensuing uncertainties might have made you reluctant to go ahead with your annual Diwali home painting plans this year.

In spite of all the social distancing you have to do this year, you can still pay an ode to the Diwali tradition and indulge in home painting along with your home cleansing rituals like always. Wondering how?

Berger Express Painting service makes it possible! We are here to take care of home painting without compromising on quality and most importantly, the safety of you and your loved ones. You no longer have to drop your interior wall painting plans!

All you have to do is choose the wall colour you want and sit back while our safety-certified painters make your walls ready for the festivities.

You need to keep in mind that walls reflect your personality and tastes. Choose warm festive tones like deep red, magenta, green, purple, lilac, navy blue or orange to set the right mood for the occasion. These shades are sure to help you paint a pretty picture and get you some fabulous Instagram-worthy Diwali snaps!

With all the colours being explored for your walls, don’t forget your ceilings. Splash a bright shade like orange, blue or yellow across your ceiling to add vibrance to your living space!

Berger Express Painting advantages

  • You can skip the store visits and book the service through our website or Express Painting App from the comforts of your home!
  • We also take care of delivering sanitised paint products to the painting site, so you don’t have to step out of your home to purchase.
  • Our trained painters use time-saving processes with mechanised tools that are regularly disinfected, giving you the much-needed peace of mind.
  • Regularly-touched surfaces are also disinfected on a daily basis to eliminate germs.
  • Floor cleaning and disinfection is done to kill germs and remove spots regularly as well.
  • Post-painting site clean-up is performed so that your home is left sparkling after the painting process is complete.

Make a statement with an accent wall

Instead of painting the entire home in an all-new colour, you can give your favourite wall a dramatic makeover. In contrast to the neutral hues, you can opt for a luxuriant shade like maroon, red, brown, dark green, orange or deep blue to create a beautiful feature wall. It can work as the perfect wall colour for Diwali.

With a little bit of imagination and professional help, even the dullest of walls can become a masterpiece and serve as a talking point!

Make your walls come alive with iPaint DIY stencils!

Festivals tend to bring the whole family closer. Given the current situation, celebrations are low-key, making them a more intimate and meaningful affair.

What better time than now to indulge in some family bonding sessions with the help of DIY projects! It will help you express yourself freely and allow you to explore the beautiful and therapeutic nature of DIY as well.

You can bring out your creativity by using DIY wall stencils to create something unique on your walls if you are bored of regular solid wall paint.

Berger iPaint DIY Wall Stencil Kit has been designed just for this purpose! Itcomes in different stencil designs such as Birdie, Flora and Feather with very vibrant colour options to fulfill the need of creating different patterns on the walls without any prior experience. It is sure to give a smooth finish to the walls of your home.

This would be a great look over a bed as an elegant faux headboard or behind your living room sofa or couch.

If you are looking for something more festive, we have got that covered for you as well. The DIY range also boasts of designs like Bells and Diyas which work as the perfect background for a prayer room to add the right amount of festive flair.

All you have to do is affix the stencil on the chosen spot and use the paint and roller to make beautiful designs. Elaborated instructions are mentioned in the Direction of Use Booklet provided in the kit.

Simply follow the steps and voila – you will have a gorgeous wall stencil staring right back at you! There is no need to be an artist or professional painter to use these DIY iPaint stencils!

Trust us, the results will make you proud of your creation. Go ahead and get ready to create a great visual experience for the festive season.

While you deck up your interior walls, do not overlook your exteriors. Exterior wall painting is equally important as your home interiors to create the right first impression.

To conclude, gear up to make your walls be a wonderful backdrop as you celebrate in the comforts of your home with close friends and family!

Here is wishing all our readers a very Happy Diwali!

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