From soothing pastels to daring hues, explore our top 8 accent colours that will boost your home’s style factor.
If you are trying to add finishing touches to your home but can’t figure out what the missing aesthetic element is, it might be an accent colour house paint. Accent colours are one of the easiest and fun ways to dress your walls or add a punch of colour to your design scheme. They create contrast and depth within a room without taking away from versatile furniture or treasured antiques. The key is finding the right accent shade to complement the existing elements.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a bright, bold room? However, unless you are the kind of person who would take the risk and paint your room say, “ruby red”, the reality of colour trends might seem like a bit of a gamble. Most of us are unwilling to take a scary leap into bold, bright walls and would much rather play it safe with classic neutrals. Lucky for you, going bold does not require you to paint all walls in a daring shade, but with proper balance and playing with other complementary colours, you can make striking colour choices that you will not regret.

From muted purple to sweet mint green, pastels have become a go-to colour palette for adding a sense of sophistication to the room. On the other hand, unexpected pops of emerald green or fiery orange are just what your space needs to elevate the atmosphere to another level. Take a note (or two) from these interior designers approved accent house colours that are sure to make a statement.

Accent room colour #1: Sweet Mint
Berger Colour Inspiration: 4P0093 Elemint

Here’s proof that you can still embrace colour while designing a minimalistic kitchen. With its cheerful energy, surprising versatility and sense of freshness, this mint green kitchen boasts an undeniable sophisticated charm. The warm wood tones ensure a striking balance with the cool hues.

Accent room colour #2: Sky Blue
Berger Colour Inspiration: 5P0289 The Sky’s The Limit

In colour theory, blue is said to evoke pureness, clarity and increased intuition. As a house paint colour, the colour blue, especially when it is in a muted tone reminiscent of the sky and the ocean, it is immediately charming and welcoming. For an accent shade, blue is one of those colours that feels accessible, it is bold enough to feel like you’re taking a risk but still a classic favourite.

Accent room colour #3: Subtle Yellow
Berger Colour Inspiration: 3T0763 Celebration Sun

Not only does this living room incorporate subtle yellow wonderfully on the walls, but it also keeps the overall look soft by pairing it with contrasting, muted fabrics. Don’t limit this happy hue to just the living room, you can opt for yellow for any room, as long as it complements the shade you use with the decor and furnishing of the space.

Accent room colour #4: Lovely Lilac
Berger Colour Inspiration: 6T1340 Crocus In The Snow

Lilac has been popping up everywhere and there is a good reason why- it has the sweetness of pink, the strength of purple, the coolness of blue. It is a shade that adds a touch of surprise and personality without the neon punch. It is fresh too so you can use it everywhere, be it traditional or contemporary rooms.

Accent room colour #5: Outrageous Orange
Berger Colour Inspiration: 2D0227 Apricot Serenade

Add a little or a lot, go bright and bold or warm or cosy. Orange is a stunning contemporary colour that is more versatile than most people think. The warmth and earthiness of a certain hue of orange- like seen in this home office, is not too loud or ostentatious. Just what you need to focus and juice up your creativity.

Accent room colour #6: Terracotta
Berger Colour Inspiration: 2D0615 Cinnamon Swept

Terracotta is a warm and rich orange colour that is surprisingly versatile. It can work in homes with bohemian, contemporary or coastal style. One interesting way to incorporate this colour is to create a feature wall which will allow you to establish a beautiful contrast with the rest of the room. When it comes to combining terracotta with other shades, brown is a great option, as seen here.

Accent room colour #7: Emerald Green
Berger Colour Inspiration: 4A2178 Deep Valley

Dark green themed Living room with plants

What is so wonderful about emerald green is that it adds richness to a room without overpowering it. Because it echoes the hues of the natural world, it is a perfect addition to any room. If you don’t have the space (or energy) to bring in house plants, emerald green walls are a great alternative. Unlike other saturated tones, this colour breathes life into a space and has a more calming effect.

Accent room colour #8: Bold Black
Berger Colour Inspiration: 8A1808 Night Time Magic

Black might not be the most obvious colour choice for a room but that is what makes it all the more great. If you’re on a hunt for a bold accent colour that will elevate your space in an instant, look no further than black. A room with black walls is dramatic and unexpected. If the room gets a lot of sunlight, black walls can temper the glare of natural light. Black wall paint and decor can invigorate any room, from a spacious kitchen to cosy bedroom.

That’s it for our accent colours…for now. We are sure to see more evolving colour trends as the year progresses, but don’t worry. We will be definitely reporting on those too. For now, we hope these unique hues have inspired you to bring some colour in your life. Life is too short for mundane, for black and white, all it takes is the courage to try something new and voila, you will be so glad that you stepped out of your comfort zone.

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