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Plaster, chunna, chemical solution– most of us have tried some or all of these water leakage solutions over the years only to find dampness seep back in our home walls. Alas! But ever wondered why? These solutions, while may offer temporary relief, have limited protection against dampness because it is only a film between the plaster and the paint. If the wall has dampness coming from a source which is not diagnosed and fixed, then the effects of leakage will soon reappear.

Wall Cracking Solution

For homeowners, planning the foundation of the home is one of the most important aspects. Be it a bungalow, high rise apartment or small flat, the beauty of your home interiors will depend majorly on the layout and foundation of the house. However, wall leakages and peeling are common problems faced by homeowners. This usually happens due to poor construction and lack of proper waterproofing. When water infiltrates the walls of your home, it can cause mould, leakages, cracking, peeling of paint and even damage the main structure of the house. These problems need to be tackled at the earliest, if they are ignored, they can create some major structural issues in your house. The sooner you identify these problems, the easier and less expensive it is to fix them.