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color of the year 2020

Pantone recently announced its colour of the year 2020 —Classic Blue. After a vibrant colour in 2019 and purple and violet tones in 2018, this hue will dictate colour trends in home décor, fashion, beauty and even food in the coming year. Classic Blue happens to be a favourite for interior designers since it is a colour you can easily rely on. As a matter of fact, Pantone’s colour choice of the year embarks the gradual return to traditional decorating styles for home décor.

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There are 291 million monthly active users on Pinterest. Imagine how influential this platform can be. Each month, professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts come to Pinterest to discover ideas they love. They pin and re-pin all their favourite design inspiration photos, recipes, crafts and more. We come to know that an idea is trending by looking at what all those people are searching for. If an idea keeps getting more and more searches every month, then we call it a trend.

Colours for Home Interiors

Weekday colours, according to Ayurveda, are yellow, red, orange, and green. Besides the beneficial effect of Ayurveda colours on your health, day-wise colour can also bring a sense of balance to your space and decor. 


Where yellow promotes calmness, peace, and harmony, red stimulates the circulatory system, orange brings warmth and comfort, and green contains chlorophyll, which helps with immunity and has many other benefits. Adding these Ayurveda colours to your home interiors and exteriors can bring good luck to you.

Colours & Activities For Each Day 

  • Monday: White – surround yourself with white flowers and other items.
  • Tuesday: Red – Undertake challenges to move out of your comfort zone.
  • Wednesday: Green is a good day to study and complete your pending work.
  • Thursday: Yellow – Excellent day to pursue academic excellence.
  • Friday: Pink – Great for traveling and buying property.
  • Saturday: Purple & Black – It is a great day for financial gains and career advancement.
  • Sunday: Orange – Sunday is great for making new friends 

Monday – Colour of the day: White 

Monday is the day for new beginnings and a perfect day to seek medical help and suggestions to begin a new career in gardening, agriculture, and finance-related activities. White is the day-wise colour for Monday, representing the moon as it rules water, so Monday is a great day to focus on your career. Monday is also great for enjoying lakes, rivers, and the sea. Adding white colour to your home can bring in career growth and financial stability.

Tuesday – Colour of the day: Red 

Red living room with white and grey sofa set

Tuesdays are ruled by the fiery planet Mars, which embodies power and strength. Therefore red is the day-wise colour for Tuesday. As such, it’s a great day to face opponents and engage in social activism. Any administrative or hard, laborious work may be undertaken on this day with great results. Watch your temper, however; as it’s also considered a fiery sign, it can be turned into constructive motivation. Bring strength and power to your home by adding red colour to your walls or in home decor.

Wednesday – Colour of the day: Green 

Wednesday is the green day. The planet Mercury rules Wednesday, so the energy it brings to each person can be beneficial in many ways. However, Wednesday is an excellent day for money-related tasks, like investing and banking. It’s also good for working with people and learning things that require retentive memory, such as chemistry. Add greenery to your home with a touch of Nature by adding indoor plants that purify the air.

Thursday – Colour of the day: Yellow 

Thursday is said to be ruled by planet Jupiter, who may also be called Mangala. This action-oriented astrological sign is characterized by courage, charisma, and spiritual faith. It governs governance, creativity, learning, and the ability to communicate with others. Yellow is the day-wise colour for Thursday. Many people in India are found to wear yellow color clothes or donate yellow colour food items and sweets. You can also add yellow to your child’s room or study room to increase creativity and concentration.

Friday – Colour of the day: Pink 

This day represents a period of stability and serenity in your life. It is a good day for starting anything new, including changes in relationships and careers. Use this day to achieve your goals and fulfill your desires, especially when you have had too much work or have been unable to achieve them so far on other days. Pink is the Ayurveda colour of the day as it symbolizes success and beauty. Go for beautiful pink walls in your home to boost your relationship with your partner and bring stability.

Saturday – Colour of the day: Purple and Black 

Since Saturn is considered a detached entity, Saturday is a good day to rest and cope with all your troubles. If you have been through any difficult situation, it’s important to remember how strong you are when dealing with such a challenge. Weekday colours like Blue, Purple, and Black are the colour for the day as they represent power and strength. Adding these powerful Weekday colours to your home can be a good idea.

Sunday – Colour of the day: Orange 

wall colour for living room image

Sunday is a day of celebration and love. The colour Orange brings warmth and joy but also attracts those searching for a deeper connection with those around them. The colour orange has deep spiritual meaning. It is said to represent the energy of the sun, which helps our souls grow stronger. The orange is also considered a sign of creativity and can bring about a feeling of joy and happiness. 


Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine that evolved in India thousands of years ago. Its practitioners believe that health and wellness can be achieved through correct diet, lifestyle, and meditation. This ancient foundation helps us create a positive lifestyle at home, especially when choosing day colors for Monday to Sunday. For Ayurvedic practitioners, the colour white represents more clarity and bliss, while blue colours have been associated with mental calmness and serenity. 


Ayurveda tells us that every day of the week has its colour, which is called ‘khandas.’ These Ayurveda colours help to balance your body and emotions by bringing balance in general. You can add these Ayurveda colours in express painting, wall waterproofing, exterior wall coating, exterior emulsions, and exterior cement paint.


Which colour to wear on weekdays? 

There are certain Ayurveda colours that you can match with day-wise dress colour. Day-wise colours to wear on weekdays are White for Mondays, for Tuesday – shades of red, for Wednesdays – green, Thursdays can go with yellow, and Fridays can go with Pink shades.

What is the lucky color of the week? 

The lucky color of the week is yellow. This is because yellow represents finances and money, so if you’re lucky enough to have either of these things, you’ll be the happiest person on Earth. In addition, yellow looks great against any type of background and makes for a nice accent color for any ensemble. Do one good deed today if you’d like to continue drawing good luck into your life.

Should we wear black on Saturday? 

Yes, Black is the color seen on Saturday. Black is associated with Saturn and Shani. It’s also considered an auspicious color for those born on that day because it means excellence, dignity, and strength. Thus you can wear black dress colour according to the day.

What colors are for good luck? 

The colors green, red and blue is said to bring good luck. Green is considered the lucky color of the day for hope and renewal. Other lucky colors of the week include red which is associated with romance and passion as it was once the only color worn by the Romans on their wedding day. Blue is a symbol of strength, unity, security, and wisdom. These colors are believed to be lucky colors. They might be used in decorating the interior of a home or worn as a piece of clothing.

modern green room living room

Wall paint trends keep changing year on year. While 2018 saw an edgy palette with vibrant shades or reds, variations in black wall accents, and modern metallic, 2019 seems to be different. This year, the focus is shifting towards soothing colours, neutral shades and earthy tones. Minimalism is in vogue! People are showing rising preference towards not-so-loud shades. Colour choices like pale beige, off-cream, ivory are in spotlight. Moreover, an emphasis on surreal patterns is driving the wall paint industry in 2019.

We understand that picking colours for your home can be a tricky task. A wrong shade can spell disaster and wreck the look of the entire space. Here is some good news for you. We have put together some colours and designs for Pinterest-worthy home walls inspired by people who have recently had their walls painted. We hope that this article will serve as a good guide for you.