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Tips to prepare your home for the monsoon

The monsoon season is particularly unique in our part of the world. India faces months of lashing winds and torrential rains, with continual wetness and dampness. This brings a set of unique problems for homeowners- leaks, peeling paint, foul odour, damage, pests are a common sight. Your home is a safe haven that protects you from the dangers of the world, regular upkeep is all the more important, especially during unforgiving Indian monsoons.

Home Interior Ideas

Bringing plants indoors injects colour and freshness, and creates a comfortable atmosphere in your house. On top of decorating your home, plants also add dimension by dividing up big rooms and creating an illusion of a low-ceiling when the ceiling is too high. They form a great focal point for the living room and give you another reason to love life in the house- well, besides your kids, partner, and pets. You will get a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment when you watch the plants grow over time, and that can help alleviate anxiety and other mental problems.
With all the benefits we have mentioned, how can you create a plant-loving home? These 6 ideas will help:

Holi Décor Ideas for Your Home

With Holi just around the corner, along with stocking up on tons of colours, water balloons and paints, it is also the perfect time for us to introduce some colour into our home. We think it would be great to give you some vibrant decoration ideas in keeping with the festivities to spruce up and add a colourful zing to your living space for the rest of the year.