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DIY Glow in Dark Stencils

In the chaotic and hyperconnected world that we live in, nothing gives us a deeper sense of purpose and peace than simply looking at a starlit sky. As humans, we tend to feel a lingering pull toward things that are magical, sparkly and wondrous. But if you happen to live in a polluted city, star gazing might seem like a distant dream! Little did you know, if the stars can’t come to you, you can now bring them home with wall stencils for bedroom!

Dusshera home decor

Bring your space to life with lights and houseplants this festive season, an understated and sure-to-impress decor idea.

This Dussehra, combine your love for everything gardening with lamps and lights; try using interesting planters and plants as part of your decor elements. If you need some new and interesting interior decor ideas for the festive season, you’ve come to just the right place!