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Our in-house pros offer advice on queries related to exterior walls and paints that our blog readers pose.

1. My name is Mr. Peter Gonsalves and I am from Goa. I recently bought a bungalow and now wish to paint it a bold colour. Could you suggest trendy exterior house colors that are eye-catchy and those that will stand out from the other bungalows in the vicinity?

Our in-house expert replies:

Hi there, Mr. Gonsalves! When it comes to finding the best exterior paint for your home, it’s important to choose a colour that complements your personality, but it’s also crucial that it suits the architecture of the house. Other things you need to factor into account is the location and lighting because it makes a huge difference in how the colour will ultimately look.

We know that exterior home painting is one home upgrade that is bound to leave an impression on visitors as well as passers-by. Since your wish is to go with a colour that makes people go ‘WOW’, here are some shade suggestions that we have carefully put together for you from the colour spectrum.

Our Berger-recommended colours:

Yellow (3D2078TULIP FIELD), Blue (5D0295 BLUE BUBBLE), Orange (2D2040 HYPED UP!), Olive (4D2149 COASTAL GREEN), Red (1D0479 CAMEROON ROSE). You can find all these beautiful shades here:

If some of these colours are too bright for your liking, you can always combine them with contrasting colours to tone down the overall impact. You can talk to our team directly too.

2. I am Ms. Jigna Patel from Ahmedabad. There are a lot of construction activities happening around my house. I have seen advertisements for Berger’s WeatherCoat Anti Dustt in the past and was wondering about its effectiveness. Could you shed some light?

Our in-house expert replies:

Kem Chho, Ms. Patel! India is continuously evolving and developing, opening a number of avenues to create dust in the environment. We often hear about the dust generated by construction activities in residential areas and are aware of the nuisance caused. It can settle on the home’s exterior walls, making it an eyesore and a breeding ground for exterior wall issues.

exterior house paint colours

We also know that your home’s exteriors stand exposed to the critical eye of outsiders and are aware of the importance of first impressions.

Berger’s WeatherCoat Anti Dustt is one of the most innovative offerings and we consider it an ideal product for today’s growing India. It boasts of unique Dust Guard technology that doesn’t allow dust to settle on exterior walls. Hope we have quelled your doubts! To know in greater detail, click here.

3. I am Mr. Gaurav Dutta from the city of Kolkata. I am thinking of painting the exteriors of my house in the coming days. Could you please suggest good-quality long-lasting exterior house paint colours?

Our in-house expert replies:

Nawmoshkar, Mr. Dutta! Exterior paint has to stand up to a whole lot of punishment from the elements. Berger’s WeatherCoat Long Life is one of our top choices as it is the first luxury category exterior emulsion designed using PU and Silicon Technology.

It exhibits properties such as water repellency, protecting against extreme rain. It has anti-fungal and anti-algal properties as well. We think this is just the product you have been looking for! For more details, click here.

4. I am Mrs. Devika Sethi. I live in Mumbai and love home improvements. How often should I paint my home exteriors? I also want to know how long should an exterior house paint job last?

Our in-house expert replies:

Hello, Mrs. Sethi! We are delighted to hear that you love home improvements. Before answering your question on home exteriors, may we suggest taking a virtual tour of our e-commerce site because you are sure to find something useful and exciting:

You can also read this blog to know more about our offerings in the home improvement space:

And now to answer your main question, through our personal experiences over the years, we think that there is no set timeline for painting of home exteriors since every home is different. However, we advise that you watch out and take immediate action if you see signs such as cracking and paint chipping.

We recommend that you paint every five to ten years, depending on factors such as your location, the climate and weather, and the previous paint job.

The longevity of the paint is determined by several factors. Invest in good-quality paint products and choose a reliable painting company that does not skimp on the prep work of the surface.

Exterior painting is a huge task, so it’s always good to hire professionals like our Express Painting who can handle the magnitude of the project. We promise a memorable experience!

5. I am Ravi Nair residing in Bengaluru. I live in a bungalow that I intend to sell off since I am moving to Kerala soon. I am looking for a colour that will help me sell it quickly. An expert opinion would help! 

Our in-house expert replies:

Namaskaram, Mr. Nair! Since colour is so subjective, the colours you love may not appeal to others. However, there are many popular colours to choose from, and many that could be attractive to a potential buyer.

Simple tones such as greys, whites, earthy tones are safe bets no matter what the geographical area and can surely help your home sell quickly. We wish you all the best!

6. I am Mr. Aman Malhotra. I live in a row house in Delhi. I am an avid gardener and maintain a big garden outside my house. At present, I have a lot of wooden garden furniture which has lost its lustre and looks weathered. Please help!

Our in-house expert replies:

Hello, Mr. Malhotra! If you have some time on your hands and want to try a DIY project, you can opt for Berger’s iPaint Enamel Paint Kit. It has been created to give a shiny new look to wooden furniture. The kit comes with a shade of 200 ml pack of enamel paint in various shade options. You don’t have to go looking for any tools to apply it because it has everything included to make the task easier for you!

Check it here:

wooden door paint colours

However, if you prefer to have professionals take care of this project, worry not! Berger’s WoodKeeper 1K PU is the ideal solution for your concern. It is an effective wood coating to keep the beauty of your woodwork intact for years to come. It comes in variants of Matt and Gloss so you can take your pick. Our professionals will get to work to give you that gorgeous wooden furniture with its renewed shine that you yearn for!

That’s all for now folks! You asked, we answered. If there are still some doubts lingering in your mind pertaining to exterior home painting, you can always reach out to us without hesitation using our toll-free number
– 1800 103 6030. You can also SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 for Berger Express Painting service.

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