India is noticing a significant change in the way people make their house exteriors looking. I have seen some people opting for using wall tiles to avoid the wall painting cost while some houses have half, or a small part of the property rendered and painted. But, the charm of wall paints can’t be ignored, no matter how many benefits wall tiles offer.

Wall paints will not just extend the life of the walls, but also give your house exterior a beautiful and fresh appearance. A fresh coat of wall paint adds value to your property, making it looking attractive. But in India, a country that is developing at a great pace, one needs to take great care as while painting exterior walls.

I got a great deal on a property that was located where a flyover was proposed to be constructed that would connect that particular locality with main areas of the city. It was not too late that I realized why the property was available at such a low cost. The people in area dealt with dust problem due to ongoing construction work and heavy traffic on roads. I could clearly see layers of dust on almost every house. It made even the newly built buildings looking shabby.

The dust deposition on house walls had devastating effects on the surface, causing stains and black stripe marks, which resulted in loss of lustre and appear shabby in no time. However, it was not just the dust to be blamed for such conditions. The harsh weather conditions and heavy rains were also supporting reasons. Even the properties with wall tiles weren’t secure as the tiles will break after some time, which resulted in water seepage and moisture in the internal areas of the walls.

It was then I made my mind that I needed something different for the exterior layer of my house walls. I wanted to cut the high-maintenance cost, repair cost of broken tiles while making my house looking clean and beautiful. And since it was my dream house, I didn’t want to rely upon the skills or guidance of just anyone out there. So, I requested a consultation session with an expert from Berger Paints. He was an expert with over a decade-long experience in the paint industry and I was glad that he had worked on similar projects before.

He closely analyzed surroundings of the area and weather conditions to make appropriate and calculated decision. It took him no longer to suggest that WeatherCoat Anti Dustt paint will be the right solution for my house exterior painting.

He shared with me some technical specifications of the paint and its benefits. And with the results I am having with WeatherCoat Anti Dustt, I would suggest everyone to try this paint once in a lifetime.

No Stains or Dust Deposition

I already mentioned that most houses in my locality had lost their beauty due to dust deposition. WeatherCoat Anti Dustt is prepared with Dust Guard technology that keeps the walls free from dust, meaning my house walls will be free from stains and black stripe marks that happen due to dust deposition. It was the biggest concern for me as even the wall tiles weren’t able to deal with this problem.

No Algae & Fungus

In addition to using this paint, the expert suggested to use an effective waterproofing solution to keep the walls free from water seepage. This ensured that my house walls will be free from algae and fungus from both the inside and outside as the paint offered protection against fungus and algae on the walls.

Improved Exterior Finish

WeatherCoat Anti Dustt is an acrylic emulsion that comes with light fast pigments and special additives, which offer a rich soft and sheen finish to the exterior walls and keep your house looking like a new one for years. Although it doesn’t allow the dust to settle on the wall surface, cleaning it is even easy. The dust or any other stain on the surface can be cleaned with normal water.

Directions for Use

Berger express painting Expert team gave special attention for the application process as the weather conditions in my city are very challenging and the dust made it an even difficult task. They applied multiple coats of waterproofing solution on the wall before painting so the exterior walls can also withstand heavy rain during monsoon season.

After all the layers were dried, 2 coats of WeatherCoat Anti Dustt were applied. And I was very happy to see my house walls looking shining and beautiful, even better than the ones having wall tiles.

It’s been more than a year since I painted my house walls and I have never worried about the layer of dust even when the construction in my surrounding area is on its peak.

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