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On the occasion of Women’s Day, we caught up with Sreemoyee Ghose on what inspires her, and her views and ideas as a woman in the field of design. We hope you enjoy this tête-à-tête!

Berger Paints India: What inspires you to think creatively and fuels you to ‘paint your imagination’? (Paint your imagination is Berger Paints’ tagline).

Sreemoyee Ghose: Creating the new generates a sense of adventure in me. The journey of thought that begins in my mind’s eye , when it finally stands in reality in front of my eyes, that instills new life in me and gives me hope to go on.

Berger Paints India: Which is your favourite project till date? Tell us more about it.

Sreemoyee Ghose: All projects excite me as each one has a new dimension to it. To mention one, it was a retail garment store at City Centre 2 – Kolkata where 4 different themes were to be incorporated in 1700 sq. ft of area.

Berger Paints India: What made you choose architecture/interior design as a career?

Sreemoyee Ghose: The intrinsic factors of vernacular- ism led me to choose architecture.

Berger Paints India:  One design tip/trend you would like to share with the audience?

Sreemoyee Ghose: Go achromatic and the colours drop in.

Berger Paints India: What do you enjoy most about interior decorating?

Sreemoyee Ghose: The articulations of numerous functions in limited spaces keeping the aesthetic quotient up.

Berger Paints India: Which design trend are you most excited about?

Sreemoyee Ghose: Biophilia or the trend of bringing the nature into the interior space excites me more

Berger Paints India: How does it feel to be a women architect/interior designer amongst male

Sreemoyee Ghose: It was hard to start with, but with time and experience in my work, have earned respect from my male counter parts

Berger Paints India: Which books are you currently reading/what are your hobbies?

Sreemoyee Ghose: Mind is your business by Sadhguru. I love reading and listening to music.

Interested in more inspiration? View the remainder of Sreemoyee’s exclusive interview with us by clicking on the link:


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