On the occasion of Women’s Day, we caught up with Ritu Goregaoker on what inspires her, and her views and ideas as a woman in the field of design. We hope you enjoy this tête-à-tête!

Berger Paints India: What inspires you to think creatively and fuels you to ‘paint your imagination’? (Paint your imagination is Berger Paints’ tagline).

Ritu Goregaoker: To be lucky enough to “paint my imagination” via design is the biggest fuel I need to think creatively. The freedom to express my thoughts and ideas, the blank canvas that we receive when we get a space to design – the multiple idea bombs that come into your head and the infinite permutations and combinations of materials are so heady that it pushes you to levels never imagined!

Berger Paints India: Which is your favourite project till date? Tell us more about it.

Ritu Goregaoker:  My favourite project till date is the latest one that I have just completed. I call it the Bijoux Residence because it is like a jewel! A jewel in my crown as well, as the way it has turned out looks nothing less than exquisite!

Berger Paints India: One design tip/trend you would like to share with the audience?

Ritu Goregaoker: Vintage is in!! The Mid-century / art deco look is something which is very interesting to me. So I like doing spaces in that style currently. For a non-designer with a little bit of taste, you can achieve a nice stylish eclectic home or office by using pieces of different styles. Because just one style is boring! Go out and have fun! Mix and match and see the magic unfold.

Berger Paints India: What do you enjoy most about Interior Decorating?

Ritu Goregaoker: Firstly I am not an Interior Decorator… I am an Interior Designer. We design spaces and not just decorate. The most enjoyable process is planning. I love to plan and fit all the client requirements. After that is done, the second process that I enjoy the most is the soft furnishings. Materials and colours excite me. Furniture excites me. So all that is the fun part for me!

Berger Paints India: Which design trend are you most excited about?

Ritu Goregaoker: Mid-century modern – the mixing of design styles which has caught on like wildfire is what I am most excited about.

Berger Paints India: How does it feel to be a women architect/interior designer amongst male counterparts?

Ritu Goregaoker: 90% of the people you come in contact with in this field – whether it is vendors / contractors are all male. Nowadays, women are coming in the forefront in a few fields – though I  think we still have some way to go. But as far as women designers are concerned, there are a lot of very inspiring women out there who do a lot of great work, and most of the time better work than male designers!

Berger Paints India: Do you think interior design is a gender-dominated vocation?

Ritu Goregaoker: Absolutely not! Maybe a couple of decades back it was mostly men – but right now it is all women power and if the men don’t watch out, I think there won’t be many male interior designers left. But currently, I would say a 50 – 50.

Berger Paints India: Which books are you currently reading/what are your hobbies?

Ritu Goregaoker: Currently I have finished reading – The Woman in the Window by A.J.Finn. Reading is a big hobby – I read 2 to 3 books simultaneously. and travelling!

Interested in more inspiration? View the remainder of Ritu’s exclusive interview with us by clicking on the video below:

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