We caught up with Kanika regarding her personal life and on being a woman in the field of design. We hope you enjoy this tête-à-tête!

Berger Paints India: What inspires you to think creatively and fuels you to ‘paint your imagination’? (Paint your imagination is Berger Paints’ tagline).

Kanika Chaudhary: It’s a beautiful world and more so because I can contribute to beauty everyday… No matter if the project is big or small, we use our creativity to bring that special smile.

Berger Paints India:  Which is your favourite project till date? Tell us more about it.

Kanika Chaudhary: Every project is unique due to the many unique challenges that we face. I think I’m in love with every single one…

Berger Paints India:  How do you achieve work-life balance?

Kanika Chaudhary: Enjoying what I do helps me keep the stress at bay and being creative, there is hardly a moment when work becomes a chore… For the rest, sometimes just providing yourself a break – maybe for a few minutes helps tide over the difficulty.

Berger Paints India:  What made you choose architecture/interior design as a career?

Kanika Chaudhary: The glamour and the creative possibilities of the field!! ha ha!! Today, the creativity is what keeps me going

Berger Paints India:  What do you enjoy most about interior decorating?

Kanika Chaudhary: The tight rope walk between keeping the design true to my client and me.

Berger Paints India: Which design trend are you most excited about?

Kanika Chaudhary: The resurgence of paints… there are so many more possibilities and combinations added to durability and easy application.

Berger Paints India: Do you think interior design is a gender-dominated vocation?

Kanika Chaudhary: Yes – women are better at this!! On a serious note (jokes apart), creativity comes from the soul and can belong to anyone who is sensitive and empathetic.

Interested in more inspiration? View the remainder of Kanika’s exclusive interview with us by clicking on the video below:

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