With International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, 2019, we begin our series of interviews celebrating inspirational women by talking to Arunika Sarkar. We caught up with her to discuss what she thinks about being a woman in the field of design. We hope you enjoy this tête-à-tête!

Berger Paints India: What inspires you to think creatively and fuels you to ‘paint your imagination’? (Paint your imagination is Berger Paints’ tagline).

Arunika: To sum it up, it is Nature which inspires me. From childhood, nature has always been an integral part of my life where the imagination knew no bounds. I could connect with nature very easily from a very early stage of my life and that is one of the most important reasons for choosing a creative field, which I am successful in today.

Berger Paints India: Which is your favourite project till date? Tell us more about it.

Arunika: Premium Residential Project in Urbana NRI Complex of 5205 sq. ft. in Kolkata. It was a concoction of 18th century Georgian style which includes ornamental embellishment to go with the traditional Indian heritage, which gives birth to the final design concept.

We have played with all the 7 elements of designs such as Space, Line, Form, Light, Colour, Texture and Pattern. The base of the furniture lies in Mahogany colour veneers and we have complemented it with Cappuccino, Gucci Gold, Spyder and Versace Marbles to give it a rich and elegant finish. We have combined curves with straight lines in a transitional style interior to deliver a look that balances both masculine and feminine attributes for a comfortable and relaxing, uncomplicated design. Our colour palettes are neutral, subtle and bright, where the pivotal role of the accent colour has been played by Gold and Golden finishes.

Berger Paints India: What is your message to other budding female designers/architects this Women’s Day?

Arunika: First understand your instincts, focus on it and nurture it with your individuality. Always thrive for the best and never compromise on excellence.

Berger Paints India: How do you achieve work-life balance?

Arunika: I organise my daily routines a day in advance. I avoid procrastination. Schedule tasks and prioritise them accurately and set small targets and achieve them. Don’t like to take too much stress so keep myself mentally and physically fit by doing exercise and meditation everyday.

Berger Paints India: Who is your favourite woman in the world of design/architecture?

Arunika: Julia Barfield (Best known for London Eye)

Berger Paints India: Which design trend are you most excited about?

Arunika: Maximalist Art

Berger Paints India: How does it feel to be a women architect/interior designer amongst male counterparts?

Arunika: The idea of everyone having equal rights is inspiring.

Berger Paints India: Do you think interior design is a gender-dominated vocation?

Arunika: Nowadays people start to value excellence and talent over gender biases.

Interested in more inspiration? View the remainder of Arunika’s exclusive interview with us by clicking on the video below:

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