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From gorgeous greens to fiery reds, here are top interior wall paint colours that people around the world can’t get enough of. Get ready to be inspired!

For interior design paints, we suggest going for the popular and trendy paint colours that are proven to effectively elevate the room’s ambiance and your mood with ease.

From which paint colours will work best for your home to paint colour ideas to create conversation-starting visual interest in any room, take in the 8 best paint colour ideas to try.

LEAFY SPLENDOR for a touch of green

Interior Wall Paints

In recent times, our living room has not only become a place to relax but also our workstation, playground for the kids and everything else in between. Green is seen as a soothing balm – an antidote to all the uncertainty and for the weary eyes, souls and also our homes.

Spruce up your walls with LEAFY SPLENDOR, a beautiful green shade from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. It is a versatile colour to transform your home into a place you actually won’t mind spending time in.

SUNNY AT HEART for a dose of yellow

Interior House Paint

Yellow has always been a much-loved colour and it continues to be a favourite choice for many interiors. It is a hue that looks good with almost any colour and will add brilliance to any wall.

A mood-boosting colour, it is known to make anyone feel energetic and even spontaneous, raising the happiness factor! SUNNY AT HEART, a vivacious yellow hue from Berger’s Colour Catalogue is sure to make your home feel cheery, especially spaces like dining area where everyone gathers to have a hearty meal. Balance it out with lighter neutrals to avoid it from looking jarring.

CASCADE TWILIGHT for a splash of blue

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What colour brings you peace during these uncertain times? Our colour experts say that blue can serve as the calming backdrop to a hectic life.

Create an oasis of your own with CASCADE TWILIGHT, a beautiful blue hue from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. We have observed that it is a shade that people return to again and again. It has the power to elicit the relaxing effects of the vast blue ocean.

SHEER RED for a dash of red

interior wall colour

Sometimes a colour is so dynamic, so saturated and strong that you only need a touch of it. Red is that colour! It heightens the senses and exudes an energy like no other colour.

Add zest to your favourite wall with SHEER RED, a daring red, as the name suggests from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. Incorporate this stunning shade using a designer paint for walls for a pop of colour and uniqueness to a small reading nook.

ARABIAN DESERT to bring home the beauty of brown

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It is all about cocooning interiors that embrace the textures and beautiful colours of nature. You can create a space that is natural with an earthy brown hue like ARABIAN DESERT from Berger’s Colour Catalogue. This beautiful luxury paint colour reminds us of a warm cup of tea or coffee. It is bound to give off warm, cosy vibes, perfect for quiet evenings with your loved ones.

You can also go glamourous and full-on grand with rich finishes, soft gold accents and crisp lighting. The choice is yours! Just remember to keep the ceiling white or cream to give the room more dimension.

PREMIER PURPLE to showcase the power of purple

Interior House Painting Colors

Our colour experts say that bold and fresh colours redefine interior spaces. A derivative of the gorgeous violet, purple lends a luxurious touch to the room. It works well when surrounded by striking patterns or gold accessories.

PREMIER PURPLE, a decadent purple shade from Berger’s Colour Catalogue is a great shade to infuse positive energy into the entire space. An undeniably sophisticated and sultry colour, keep additional colours to a minimum to create a posh and vibrant ambiance.

A designer paint in this sensuous hue is perfect for any room of your house. Impress your guests with this rich tone and create a room full of elegance.

BUFF APRICOT for some peach magic

Interior Wall Painting Colors

Introduce style and freshness into a room with a dreamy shade like peach. It has a cheery quality that can instantly liven up any space and make the surrounding beautiful in any light. It works well in any room, be it a living room, bedroom or dining room and complements accent hues.  

BUFF APRICOT, a peachy shade from Berger’s Colour Catalogue is a wonderful shade to make a room feel light and warm. Drench your walls in this hue for a powerful and energising vibe.

CHARCOAL GREY to celebrate the enigma of grey

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If bold shades are not your thing, there is always grey! Grey has the ability to lend character to a room and add rich depth. Neutral colour par excellence, between black and white, it ensures a refined style and exemplifies chic decor. It is a great colour for a study or a home office as it promotes productivity and focus.

CHARCOAL GREY, a solemn grey shade from Berger’s Colour Catalogue can help create a tranquil and timeless atmosphere in your home. A meditative shade, it is ideal to enhance furniture and decorative accessories. It serves as a great backdrop to showcase your artwork and cherished moments in wooden photo frames.

Things to remember

Once you finalise the colour, get as many samples as you can.

Play around with those samples—assess how easily they cover and spread an area and how easily you can clean them once it is dry.

Look at it with your furnishings in different lights during various times of the day so as to eliminate all the guesswork.


Your home should be a reflection of you and the space you love. We hope our curated list with can’t-miss paint colours that have stood the test of time helps you make thoughtful paint choices.

We know that each colour is stunning in its own way. They are timeless and can work in virtually all kinds of spaces, both in the background and centre stage.

Get ready to use these fail-safe colours on your walls in your next DIY project or with the help of professionals from Berger Express Painting service. You can get in touch with the painting experts for a complete wall makeover today:

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