It’s quite prevalent to see souvenirs from vacations displayed proudly in people’s homes as décor pieces. However, how many of you have actually heard of homes being entirely designed based purely on travelling experiences?Not many, right? Now, that we have piqued your interest, here’s a fascinating tale of a newly-wed couple and the unique approach they decided to take to decorate their new home.

Berger Paints India was more than happy to undertake this ambitious project for the couple, who had recently tied the knot and took a world trip for their honeymoon. The couple got back in time for Diwali prep, and to celebrate and mark their new life together, they sought to set up their new home with the inspirations and sights they experienced during their elaborate travels to exotic lands. Here is a first-hand account of their experience and how we helped them achieve their dream home.

We both strongly believe that a home should reflect the choices, experiences and inspirations of the people who live in them. We want every nook and corner of our home to tell a story, inspire and capture the hearts of our family and friends. So, we set out to find the perfect décor and paint partner that could help us achieve this. We are pleased to say that we found this partnership in Berger Paints India. It seemed like serendipity as we were at the airport awaiting our Uber and discussing our home makeover when the cab that came to pick us up was branded by Berger Paints, it had to be a coincidence!

We promptly sent the SMS seen on the cab’s banner and received a call later that evening by a Berger rep who seemed enthusiastic about our project. With no further ado, here is the end product of our collaboration. Let me start right from the entrance of our brand new home, which is a little passageway to our spacious living room. The wall around this part of our home is inspired by our trip to The Birch Tree Forest of Russia. The design is called Flora and quite rightly so. Now, whenever we step into our little abode, we both reminisce the lovely stroll we took, hand-in-hand, amidst the quiet magnificence of the birch trees one of the afternoons during our honeymoon.


On entering the living room, one is welcomed by the mesmerizing Cloud pattern on the wall. This design reminds us of Mother Nature at play and we recollect the time we witnessed the splendour and celestial spectacle of Aurora Australis unfolding right before our eyes at Ushuaia, the resort town of Argentina, where we spent two beautiful days during our honeymoon. In addition to this texture on the wall and a few mementos that we picked up from this trip, the living room came together perfectly.

We have a cute little balcony adjacent to our living room, which overlooks the city skyline. Both of us being wildlife enthusiasts, our honeymoon itinerary would have been incomplete without a trip to Africa. We both decided to explore the Serengeti ecosystem and go on a wildlife safari to see the animals in their glorious habitats. The Haiku texture on one of our balcony walls is an ode to this adventurous trip. We were thrilled to experience these spectacular vistas and each time we sit in this little corner of our house to spend time with each other over a cuppa, it takes us back to those memorable days out in the lap of Mother Nature.


Our wide kitchen wall gave us ample scope to satiate our design soul. On our visit to the Trevi Fountain in Rome, we were amazed by the mastery shown by the sculptors of yore. Every movement of the garment on the sculptures appeared incredibly realistic, and the Whipped Cream pattern in the design of our kitchen walls is a throwback to this artistic marvel.


Moving on to our bedroom, the first thing to notice are the walls, which flaunt a smooth texture called fabrika, akin to the surface of the Guggenheim Museum, in Bilbao, Spain that we visited. We remember being spellbound by the modern architecture of the museum and the texture caught our eye as the perfect fit as an accent wall in our bedroom. We used it as an inspiration for the rest of the décor in the bedroom. Every time we enter our cosy retreat to take a nap, running our hands on the textured walls remind us of the beautiful time we spent together there.


The walls of our bathroom also convey an interesting story about our trip to Italy. The Silk Illusion Marble finish design on the bathroom wall looks exactly like marble, which complements the vanity tops with integrated marble sink bowls that we have installed. The Silk Illusion marble wall texture reminds us of our visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is made completely of white marble, a fact that both of us were not aware of before our trip!


In this way, our entire house serves as a sweet reminder of our honeymoon that we will forever cherish, and we thank the team at Berger Paints India for helping us execute our travel inspirations and ideas, and turning them into reality using Silk Illusion designer paint. We can’t wait to spend our first Diwali in our perfect home, Happy Diwali everyone!

*All images displayed are for representation purpose only.

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