I have been working with Berger Paints India for the past five years and have solved a lot of customer queries and completed many successful projects. What follows is my experience with one of our customers, a young lady, who is the proprietor of a new yoga studio, in the heart of the city of Mumbai. She got in touch with me over a call after she noticed a seasonal promotional billboard by Berger Paints India, and was very clear about what she wanted. She envisioned a Zen-like space where her clientele could feel like they have been transported to an oasis, as soon as they walk through the doors.

She envisioned the walls to create a cosy atmosphere where her patrons could feel the good vibes. She imagined a calming ambiance in which they would want to spend their time and experience calm and peace. I decided to meet her in person and take a good look at the space to understand her exact requirements. She met me on the designated day and took me on a tour of her spacious yoga studio and spa. Her aim, she said, was to pick colours, designs, stencils and décor pieces wisely, so that they create a sensory and holistic experience for her patrons. She also wanted the surroundings to match how people feel when they do their yoga practice. After understanding her vision and what she had set out to achieve, I knew exactly how to proceed with the project at hand.

It was essential to choose colours and textures that would have a calming and welcoming effect on the yoga practitioners. I showed her our Berger Silk Illusion Colour catalogue, which immediately struck a chord with her. She was excited about the designs and was intrigued to learn about the inspirations they were derived from. The textures Artistic, Sprinkle and Radiant Glow, from the catalogue, resonated with her the most and suited her aesthetic sensibilities. She chose these three Silk Illusions texture paint in vibrant Silk Illusion colour shades, for the walls of the different areas within her yoga studio and spa.

Sprinkle (1)

When decorating a space, it is essential to have an anchor that can lend inspiration for the rest of the area. My idea was to go with this thought and focus on the walls with Berger Silk Illusions and utilize textures to create a stunning statement. Once the right choice of shades and textures on the walls has been made, it becomes super easy to elevate any space and make it look stylish. By incorporating the right design and décor elements that complement the walls, the yoga studio and spa would transform into the perfect haven for yoga lovers and those looking for peace in their busy lives.

Texture 2

We used a combination of shades, accent walls, lighting and the stencils mentioned above, in three different areas of the yoga studio. Lighter tones of furnishings were then used to create a striking contrast, and fresh planters were placed to spruce up the area. The idea was to play with light and shadows, which turned out beautifully, as we had hoped. The end result was a tranquil ambiance that created an instant desire to relax from the minute one stepped into the yoga studio.

Our efficient and enthusiastic team at Berger Paints India discovered the potential of the space and turned it into a pleasant abode, one where people could practice yoga to calm their body, mind and soul too. The space turned out to be not just inspired, but inspiring too! The best part of the project was that it was completed right in time for the inauguration ceremony, to be held on Diwali. Our team made use of the best tools available and finished well within the expected deadline. In fact, the proprietor was so delighted by how the entire space had turned out and the service provided that she offered the core team, who worked closely on the project, a membership at discounted rates at her yoga studio and spa!

*All images displayed are for representation purpose only.

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