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The Lok Sabha Elections are in full swing. The entire country is bubbling as political parties are demonstrating their power and authority through road shows, mass gatherings, promotions and what not. But hardly did I realise I have a tough time ahead to get my new home painted at this time. Thanks to Berger Express Painting Team; I ended up having a home that looks beautiful without having to face the typical nuances of getting your property painted with luxurious paint during the election season.

Here’s my journey through the thick and thin of exterior home painting and how the team helped me avoid the common pitfalls.

I am a Software Engineer, currently working on an offshore project in the United States. A year back, I had invested in a real estate property in one of the luxurious areas of Greater Noida. The idea was to put the home on rent and earn steady income from the same. Additionally, I wanted to give it to a property management company to ensure good resale value in the future.

As I could not come back soon after the investment, no home improvements could be done. It is only a month back that I came home thinking it is the ideal time to get the home painted and put it on advertisement for rent. But it was only when I spoke to Berger Paints that I realised what big mistake I was about to make by planning home painting during the elections.

I expressed my concern that I am unable to put up in India frequently and the property is depreciating in value without care and renovation. The Berger Express Painting Executive heard me with patience and said, “Are you sure you want to get your home painted with a normal paint during election season?” I asked, “Why? What is wrong?”

As an experienced professional, he had vast knowledge of exterior painting limitations and challenges. With his knowledge, he made me realise that my property is new and getting it painted can cost me good money. But during the elections, the footfalls and gatherings around Greater Noida region will be high as it is an important location. As such, the newly painted home may fall prey to unwanted political graffiti, dust, dirt, spitting, and what not? If proper measures are not taken, my entire investment on painting will go in vain.

I understood the challenges but was desperate to get the home painted before I leave for U.S. again. I asked if they have any solution to this and as I had expected, Berger Paints have solutions for every paint-related problem.

The executive displayed their product catalogue and recommended Berger Paints WeatherCoat Anti Dustt. I was impressed and they started working on my home, helping me avoid the following mistakes:

#1 Not Protecting the Exterior Walls from Dust

As a layman in this field, hardly did I know that exterior wall coatings can be anti-dust. When we paint the exterior of our home, we tend to choose the right shade and get going without realising what impact environmental dust can have on it. The dust settles on the exterior walls and affects the paint life and aesthetics. Along with water, the dust can give ugly black patches on the walls.

I could not afford to see my new home in such “dilapidated” condition caused due to the dust that occurs from heavy footfalls and massive gatherings during the elections. So Berger Paints came to rescue with their advanced Dust Guard technology that does not allow dust and grime to settle on the walls. I am confident my house will keep looking new and beautiful for years.

#2 Overlooking Flaking, Chalking and Fungal Growth

As the property will be exposed to severe dust and dirt during the election season, it had higher chances of flaking, chalking and fading, said the Berger Paints experts. Conventional exterior paints cannot help maintain the look and sheen for long. Therefore, I chose Berger WeatherCoat Anti-Dustt XP Advanced that has a unique feature of repelling dust particles and is resistant to chalking, fading or flaking. It also prevents algae and fungal growth on the exterior walls, ensuring health and wellbeing of my property and the people living in it as well.

#3 Not Considering UV Degradation

I remember my sister applying a generous coat of sunscreen lotion before getting out in the sun. Most of us do so to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. But when it comes to our home, we overlook the impact UV rays can have on the exterior paint and to the property itself. The Berger Express Painting Team cautioned me on this and suggested Berger Anti-Dustt paint that prevents UV degradation. That means my home will not fall prey to sun’s ultraviolet rays and will appear like fresh wall paint for years to come.

Amid all the challenges and inhibitions regarding getting my home exterior painted during election season, finally, it was there. The Berger Paints team did a fantastic job and finished everything on time. The wall painting looks gorgeous, shimmering with pride and grace. Honestly speaking, it instantly brought a big smile on my face…perfect hues, perfect application! And I know the inside story – Anti-Dustt paint is protecting my home from all the dust and harmful effects that election can have on my property. Words fall short expressing my gratitude towards the Berger Express Painting Team.

Now I understand why they say in their TV Commercial, “It’s all about the mindset of an individual. Change your mind and your vision will change.” I, can now stay stress-free about the safety and beauty of my home and think about positive sides of outgoing elections and other construction projects across the country. It’s all happening for good reason – Progress and Growth.

Before painting your home, I recommend seeking expert consultation from Berger Paints. They have the right suggestions and solutions to make your home paint look stunning, fresh and new as always.

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