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We have been inundated with questions on quick and easy home improvement tips and wall makeovers by our readers. We have compiled the most commonly-asked questions and answered them all in this blog.

Before we dive straight into the questions, let us first talk about wall makeovers. Since the last few months, many people have been looking for wall stickers painting but it can be a messy and tricky business. Understanding the needs of today’s consumers, we have developed wall stickers that are fuss-free and easy to apply, even by first-timers!

Let us introduce you to iPaint wall stickers by Berger Paints India that can instantly upgrade your walls without any intervention from professionals! Surprised? Well, we spoke to some of our readers who were itching for a quick wall makeover. Interestingly, we have stickers to suit each personality and every mood. We have covered all the information you need, in our responses below. Read on.

In the mood for creativity!

I am Mrs. Deepika Rao from Bengaluru. I work as a copywriter in a boutique marketing agency for over 8 years. Since I have been working from home for almost a year now, I have been looking for something that can add a colourful and whimsical touch to my walls. This will add some life and colour to my workstation and pep up my video calls with colleagues and friends both. Please suggest something inspiring and fun that will go well with my bubbly personality!

Our Suggestion: Namaskaara, Mrs. Deepika! We understand that plain walls every day can be uninspiring and boring, especially for someone who has a desk job like you. However, you need not live with it. If you want to give your walls a quick makeover without committing to a full-blown wall painting project, you can boost its look by simply adding wall stickers on it.

For someone with a vivacious personality like yours, we would like to recommend Berger’s Singing Birds DIY Wall Sticker. Since you are a copywriter by profession, it could even spark creativity, unleash your imagination and help you get your words flowing! You can also use the stickers for a corner wall where you stack your books, notepads and journals, giving the space a creative touch.

There is a completely new and easy method to apply the wall stickers. They come with an application card and a spray bottle along with a nicely-illustrative application manual to make the process fun and easy for you. Sounds good? Give an instant makeover to your stark walls and transform it into a pleasant sight in minutes. What are you waiting for!

In the mood for sports!
wall stickers paintingI am Mr. Alok Bapat from Nagpur, a father of a ten-year-old boy. I am looking for a cricket-themed wall motif for my little boy who loves to watch and play cricket. I want it to inspire him to pursue his passion and to also keep him active! 

Our Suggestion: Namaskar, Mr. Alok! Firstly, we applaud you for being such a doting father. It is heartening to hear that you want to encourage your son to embrace his passion for cricket. Secondly, we have just the right thing to give him that extra boost – Berger’s DIY Cricketer Wall Sticker.

You will be happy to know that this sticker is eco-friendly as it is recyclable with very low VOC emission. Apart from that, it comes with a strong adhesive that lasts long on the wallsdurable, really!

We feel that this particular sticker will work well to inspire your young son and help him stay focused. Our team wishes him the very best for his cricketing endeavours.  

In the mood for play!

I am Mrs. Roshani Arora from Gurgaon. My seven-year-old daughter is an inquisitive child. Since I am re-doing her room and filling it with things she’ll love, I am looking for something that goes with her spirited personality. Would be great if you could suggest something.

Our Suggestion: Hello, Mrs. Roshani. Since your little girl seems quite like the adorable Heidi from the Alps, we have just the thing for her! Berger’s iPaint range has a Girl & Butterfly Wall Sticker that will liven up the space, adding a fun touch and creating a playful atmosphere in the entire room. We are sure she will love it!

In the mood for music!
iPaint Wall Stickers

I am Mr. Alex D’Souza from Goa. I am a lead guitarist in a rock band that I formed during my college days. On weekends, we meet up for fun, night-long jam sessions at my place. I have been setting up a cool lounge area where we can all sit and compose tracks together. Need tips on how to amp up the space, keeping in mind the ambiance and mood I wish to set.

Our Suggestion: Hello, Mr. Alex! We have the perfect thing for a rockstar like you! Our Guitarist Wall Sticker would lend the right vibes to your space, creating the perfect mood for music.

We have taken proper care to create the DIY sticker, looking into the details closely. The sticker is eco-friendly, easy to apply and has a strong adhesive for long-lasting usage.

In the mood for an adventure!

I am Mr. Praful Shah from Ahmedabad. I am a nature-lover and like travelling a lot. Owing to the pandemic, I have postponed my travelling plans indefinitely. Looking for how to compensate for it and create an indoor set-up to satiate my wanderlust. Any ideas?

Our Suggestion: Kem cho, Mr. Praful! We know that these times can be challenging and can put one in a dilemma owing to the new health-focused travel guidelines. However, we have a solution for a wanderer’s soul like yours. Our Traveller Wall Sticker is bound to set an adventurous mood, reminding you of your past travelling experiences while also uplifting your spirits for all the expeditions that are yet to come!

We have used high-quality 3M film to make this wall sticker and is a sustainable option, keeping one’s health and safety in mind. You can use it on any wall of your house, be it the living room, bedroom or balcony.


Inspired enough? You can shop all the stickers featured in this blog right from the comforts of your home in a few minutes:

In fact, there are many more sticker options for you to pick from, so start browsing now!

Also, feel free to tag us in your photos once you have put up your wall stickers on the walls. We would love others to see how amazing your purchase is too!

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