As a practicing astrologer, I am often asked a variety of questions related to astrology, with one of the most pertinent ones being about the relation between astrology and gem therapy.

And how effective is gem therapy, if effective at all? So, I would like to take this opportunity to dispel the ambiguity surrounding the importance of gem therapy in astrology.

Traditionally, Indian astrology attaches great importance to planetary influences on each individual. Indian Astrology comprises of seven planets and each of these have a colour which helps in harnessing the positive energy of these planets. Based on these colours, a particular gemstone is advised to be worn by individuals in need of this therapy. These stones are precious and are called gemstones because of its power to extract color from the atmosphere and pass it on to the body. Now, coming to the question of how is it helpful, it is important to first explain how gem therapy works.

The energy field which surrounds us is the area where our thoughts, belief systems, emotions, etc., exist, and gemstones do affect this energy field. This energy pattern of a gemstone affects our energy field and helps in balancing off any imbalances and promotes long-lasting positive changes. It is important to have a gemstone prescribed by an astrologer because these gems should be selected as per an individual’s horoscope.

How do we know which stone to prescribe to whom? This is where astrology chart indicators come in. These indicators help us arrive at the correct gemstone because the placing of these stones anywhere on the body can prove to be counter effective.

Thus, it is important to have a careful analysis done of your horoscope by a qualified astrologer who can correctly diagnose the weaknesses and strength in the horoscopic chart. After this diagnosis is done, we will recommend a stone which needs to be worn by you on the particular body part as advised by us. Also take note of the interesting fact that the gem stone, when set in a ring, is set in such a way that the stone comes in contact with the skin. This is done so that the stone can transmit the electromagnetic energy into the cells of our bodies. While there is a transmission of energy on the cellular level, the cosmic colours of the gem are also absorbed by the chakra system, simultaneously.

Hence, personally I am a believer in the positive effects of gem therapy and advise its use for the positive energy it produces. If used correctly, it can leave a huge positive impact on our lives and help us in bettering our lives by making it more fulfilling and prosperous. I am also providing an illustration of which gemstone works the best for each of the seven planets along with Rahu and Ketu. Hope you benefit from this!

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  1. Ranjan says: October 15, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    Gr8 Info, Tanx much, keep guiding me.Sairam

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