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Dust is one thing that we cannot escape, no matter which part of the country we live in. Aren’t we all frustrated with it constantly making a layer on our furniture, exterior house walls, and accessories? While the rest of the things need to be dusted manually, having dust-free walls is slightly simpler.

A proven solution to this could be opting for anti-dust paint, which is a type of paint capable of repelling dust. The dust-resistant paint will protect your walls, and have them looking fresh for a long! 

Get a sneak peek into what is waterproof and dustproof paint, the benefits they offer, how they work, and how to use them. We will help you understand these ground concepts in detail so your dream home stays as good as new for years.  

Dustproof paint protects our home and provides a durable paint finish. Utilize Berger Paints anti-dust paints with dust-proof coatings to keep your walls dust free. Having the exterior walls of your home subjected to dust is one of the biggest things that steal the sheen of the house.

What are Dust Proof Paints? 

Dustproof paint or dust-resistant paint is a type of paint that does not allow any dust to settle on the walls. This leads to lower maintenance of the walls, making them look cleaner and new for a long period of time. When applied on the exterior walls, the dustproof coating of an anti-dust exterior paint will protect them and substantially reduce the damage.

Protect Belongings from dust and paint drops

Benefits of Anti-Dust Paints

Dust-resistant paint comes with more benefits than one. Of course, having clean walls is a given, but there is more that goes into ensuring the exterior walls are clean and look beautiful. Listed below are a major few. 

  • No Stains or Dust Deposition 

The dust deposition on exterior walls depends on the area where you live. With that being said, most cities do contain a high amount of dust. Waterproof and dustproof paint will resist stains or dust deposition on walls, giving them a fresh appearance every day! Reducing the amount of dust that settles on the walls, can be especially helpful in the case of people with asthma and allergies.

  • No Algae & Fungus 

Indian subcontinental climate is humid and warm. And, heavy rains serve as the perfect condition for algae to grow. Such algae cause staining and discolouration of the walls. Dust-free paint prevents the growth of algae and fungus keeping your walls happy and healthy for a long time.

Virus on surfaces

  • Improved Exterior Finish 

Anti-dust paint gives you a cleaner finish and helps in the beautification of the exterior of your house. This is especially beneficial if you live in an area that is in the developmental stage and is hence more prone to dust. 

  • No Maintenance 

Dust-free paints repel any dust settling on your walls, as a result, you are saved from the time and resources spent on cleaning such walls. This reduces the maintenance cost, and you can spend more time admiring the house!

Protect Your Home from Virus

  • Protection from Weather 

The weather in India lies on the stronger side. Heavy rains, strong winds, and hard sunlight can harm the exterior walls resulting in discolouration, weathering, and fading. Along with that, high levels of dust and pollution make the house looks dusty and worn. When you weather-coat anti-dust paint for your house, it protects the walls from all such elements thus maintaining its beauty. 

  • Glossy Finish 

Anti-dust paint gives your house a glossy finish which will make a lasting impression on your visitors and onlookers, lending it a fresh appearance every time you look at it.

How does Anti-dust Paint Work? 

Anti-dust paint is made using a special coating that helps in dust resistance. However, dust-free paint does not showcase any visible results immediately. In order to keep algae and fungi at bay, the anti-dust exterior paint makes use of an algaecide membrane which hampers the growth of algae and fungus on the walls.  

When you use the anti-dust paint on your walls, it creates microscopic pores on the surface layer that make the droplets of water slide down quickly and mix up with the other droplets. This reduces corrosion and discolouration.

Weathercoat Anti Dustt

Directions for Using Anti-dust Paints 

Before applying, dilute the paint as per the recommended dilution ratio or any other suggested instructions. Proceed to apply the first cost of paint and wait for 6-8 hours till it dries off completely. Proceed to apply the second coat and let it dry overnight.


It is everyone’s dream to build their own house, making it look beautiful with various elements, wall paint being the biggest attraction. And, when that dream becomes a reality, we want it to last as long as possible. Find your favourite colour combinations from the colour catalogue with Berger anti-dust exterior paint that enhances your home by protecting it from dust and making it look new on the first day. We can help you determine the x price based on the quantity you need.


1. Which is paint best for the long term? 

Acrylic paint is considered the best for the long term as it is more durable. 

2. Does painting help with dust? 

Yes, painting frequently can keep dust to a minimum. Berger paints will help you find the right anti-dust paint for your home. 

3. What happens if you paint over dust? 

This film of dust will not allow the paint to bond properly. This can also cause difficulties in enabling the paint to dry properly.  

4. How do you keep paint dust free? 

In order to keep your paint dust-free, the use of wet or dry sandpaper is advised.

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