Valentines day home decor idea with white and pink colour combination

You and your beloved are in for a treat with these DIY home decor tips for Valentine’s Day. Scroll on and get crafty!

Even if you have waited until the last minute, there is no time like now to get inspired by some DIY Valentine’s Day decorations. Nothing says “I love you” like a handmade craft or card. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your beau with a thoughtful gesture. Most of the simple DIY projects mentioned here can be completed without a fuss. Let’s get crafting with these decoration home ideas:

Valentine’s Day DIY Decor Ideas For The WallsRomantic wall sticker for valentine day home decoration

For art aficionados giving the walls a refresh or simply adding some long-overdue decor to boring walls, there are many loved-themed wall decor ideas to style your home for the season. Find some time in your day to make something creative. For example, you can get your hands on the Berger iPaint DIY Home Wall Painting Kit and paint an accent wall. In addition, you can frame your favourite memories and hang them on the newly painted wall. You can also take up an art project with your partner and give your walls a stunning makeover together!

Another great way to decorate your walls is to use stickers. Berger iPaint Wall Sticker in Park Silhouette is ideal to set the romantic mood. The best part? Given the simplicity of this sticker, you can leave it up long after the 14th!

Valentine’s Day DIY Decor Ideas For Living RoomIdea for decorating living room for valentine's day

Living rooms are where most conversations and entertainment happens. Whatever may be your Valentine’s plan, be it binge-watching tele, a candid tête-à-tête or enjoying a candlelight dinner, the living room is one room where so many special memories happen!

To create a cosy vibe, you can add some lavender and pink throws and cushions to the couch and complement the setup with a projector wall for a movie night. You can also add some stickers or artwork in the shape of birds to freshen up the mood using Berger iPaint Wall Sticker in Two Owls.

Valentine’s Day DIY Decor Ideas For Dinner TableValentines day dining room decor in red

Now that we all know the stomach is the way to someone’s heart, don’t forget the value of good food in your DIY Valentine’s Day decor list! With good food, you need an appealing tablescape decor. Give an old table a new look using Berger iPaint DIY Rich Gloss Enamel Paint (do consider the drying time and ensure you prep beforehand!). Add runners, candlesticks, centerpieces and classy dinnerware to make a perfect ensemble for a romantic dinner date.

Valentine’s Day DIY Decor Ideas For BedroomValentines day bedroom decor in white & red

Cleaning the bedroom might not sound very romantic but you cannot plan a romantic bedroom decor without clearing out the clutter first! Take out everything that does not belong there and once the room is clean and organised, you can start by adding special accents to the bedroom interior design.

Now is the perfect time to switch to dim lights and make your bedroom look romantic without any big changes! Get satin or silk bedding for Valentine’s Day. Try red if you want the room to look passionate or purple if you prefer luxury.

For more colour inspiration, check out our blog on romantic colour combinations for home painting.

Valentine’s Day DIY Decor Ideas For BalconyValentines day balcony decoration

The balcony is a backdrop of the most romantic movies. From Pretty Woman, considered one of the greatest happy endings in movies to Romeo and Juliet, wherein the balcony scene solidifies the bond of love for both characters, a balcony is a place where love can blossom. Make the most of the evening and bring out cosy textiles, floor cushions and throws and use string lights to set a romantic atmosphere under the stars. If your balcony is wide enough to fit a small bed, you can also arrange a canopy-style bed decoration to set up your private corner!


There you have it! Some simple and super-romantic DIY Valentine’s room decor ideas to transform any room into a cosy atmosphere, perfect for celebrating your love. Apart from giving a personal touch to your decor, they also provide a perfect opportunity for bonding with your loved ones. If you try any of these ideas, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below!

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