DIY home decor ideas

DIY home décor has gained massive popularity over the years, even more so this year due to the lockdown. Here are some simple and budget-friendly DIY decor ideas that you can indulge in while at home.

This year has seen us spending more time in our home. Truth to be told, there has never been a better time to get some DIY projects done. Without dilly-dallying, explore our list of DIY home decor ideas that we have curated just for you.

Decorative wall stencil

One of the easiest DIY wall decor ideas is to add a splash of colour to the walls of your home. Pick a paint of your choice and transform your living space. You can add a pattern or design along with the paint, for a vibrant look and feel.

Berger’s iPaint Stencil range boasts of wonderful stencil options such as Birdie, Diya, Bells, Feather and Flora to choose from.
All you have to do is affix the stencil on the wall, apply the paint and wait till it dries. Once the paint is dry, remove the stencil off the wall for the big and beautiful reveal!

Glow in dark stencil

If decorative wall stencils do not catch your fancy and you want something extraordinary, we have got that covered as well. You can go with Glow in Dark Stencils and give your room walls a glowing makeover. Literally!

Berger’s iPaint Glow in Dark Kit has fascinating options like Galaxy Design, Ocean World and interesting Switch-board highlighters for the perfect setting in the dark! These are easy-to-use adhesive stencils that won’t fall off until removed.

It comes with a direction of use booklet inside the kit with step wise instructions so that you can execute your project successfully with no sweat.

It makes for the ultimate gift for kids on birthdays and other special occasions. It is the perfect solution if you are planning to have a fun, glow-in-dark party at your place.

Buy it right here and say hello to some night-time glow:

Refurbished furniture

A simple way to liven up your dull and weathered antique furniture is with enamel paint and new hardware. Berger’s iPaint DIY Enamel Painting Kit is perfect for all your wooden and metal surfaces that are waiting to be spruced up!

The kit comes with your chosen enamel paint along with a 2-inch brush and sandpaper. The enamel colour options available are black, white, red, yellow and golden.

With a little bit of creativity, you can give new life to your valuable pieces of furniture. The results are bound to be amazing. You can use the enamel paint even on metal surfaces around your home. No professional help needed whatsoever!

Crate shelves

Creative Shelves

Crates work great as storage units, ideal for any room of the house. It can lend an industrial as well as farmhouse vibe to a living area. No matter how you use it, it is sure to add style and character.

From books to souvenirs to indoor plants, you can store whatever you want in it. It is the perfect solution for your home organisation as well as home decor needs. You can even add wheels to make it portable.

Pro tip: Stack them in different ways, as seen here to add visual appeal to your space.

Colourful planters

Calling out all colour lovers! If you love adding colour to everything, here is just what you need. You can transform ordinary ceramic or clay pots into an eye-catching colour display for your home. For wooden and metal planters, you can add a coat of enamel paint from Berger’s iPaint DIY Enamel range because we believe that there is nothing like pots full of joy and colour!

Bring out your paint brush and paint tubes to add an array of colours to your kitchen window sill, just as seen here. You can experiment with two-tone and three-tone using various combinations of hues.

Get your creativity flowing and paint to your heart’s content.

Wooden headboard

Looking for bedroom decor ideas? How about a DIY headboard? Create one for your bed all by yourself with some wooden slabs, nails and a hammer. You can attach it either to your bed or straight onto your wall. You can choose to keep the natural colour of the wood or apply enamel paint to customise it to suit the style of your room. Berger’s iPaint enamel range is your best bet and sure to give you great results!

Pro Tip: Paint it a colour that contrasts your wall shade for a stunning effect.

Candles in glass jars

Lights make any space cosy and inviting. You can illuminate your living room with hanging candle holders that are quick to put together.

All you need is a mason or glass jar, some glue, brush for the glue, a rope to tie a knot and TA-DAA – It is ready!

Transform empty jars into pretty candle jars in a matter of minutes. You can enhance it with laces, ribbons and glitter if you wish. You can even hang it in your balcony or dining room to create a warm and romantic ambience.


For those of you who do not have a “green thumb” yet want to bring in a bit of the outdoor beauty to your space, adding a terrarium is a good idea. It does not require high maintenance and can be created with a few tools of the trade such as a brush, spoon, soil, sand, pebbles and a glass bowl along with assorted succulents.

With these easy-to-do projects, you now have no excuse. Save your money for more important things, and decorate your home beautifully with our DIY decor ideas.

All the best on your home metamorphosis with these DIY projects! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @bergerpaintsindia with your DIY decor photographs.

Happy DIYing!

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