The Dark Wall Stencils

Enhance your Halloween decor with these quirky and eccentric Glow In The Dark Wall Stencils.

Halloween is all about enjoying all things bizarre. While fun costumes and cosplay are usually the first things that come to mind, why not get creative with DIY home wall painting ideas? Whether you’re planning to create a fun display for your home walls/ceiling or want to give your home a seasonal makeover, you can decorate on a budget and still have a fun and quirky decor with Berger’s new iPaint Glow In The Dark Wall Stencils.

If you’re not a DIY pro, the do-it-yourself stencil kit includes all tools and materials you need to create a stunning display. You can either do it yourself or get your kids or friends to help you, either way, these stencils are easy to recreate and put on a beautiful show once the lights are out! If you’re looking for some creative decor inspiration, get ready to spook up your home with these ideas that even a DIY novice or pro crafter will love:

iPaint Galaxy Glow In The Dark Wall Stencil

Fulfil your Star Wars fantasy with Galaxy Wall Stencil. If you love to marvel at the vastness of the universe or are intrigued with the worlds that lie beyond our own, you will love this wall stencil. The best part? Unlike other Halloween decorations, this glow in the dark kit will look great all year long. Create your own haven with this celestial stencil on your bedroom ceiling or make kids’ excited for bedtime with the green-glow adorning the walls.

iPaint Ocean World Glow In The Dark Wall Stencil

If your preferred choice of Halloween costume is Aquaman, Little Mermaid or Jack Sparrow, it is safe to say that you find the ocean undeniably appealing. To channel your love for the deep ocean blues, you can now dress up your walls with Ocean World inspired stencil kit for walls. You can go for whimsical sea creatures or opt for a display of the breathtaking coral and seashells. Whatever design you choose, this wall stencil is guaranteed to help you set sail into a world of maritime. For maximum impact, you can choose dark paint colours like turquoise or cyan, reminiscent of the ocean.

iPaint Switch Board Highlighter Glow In The Dark Wall Stencil

Every nook and cranny in your home can be beautified with wall stencils, including the switch board. The DIY kit comes with an awesome collection that is sure to catch the attention of anyone just after or before they flick that switch. You can get a look that is sleek, modern and practical for night-time wandering by adding Switch Board Highlighter Glow In The Dark Wall Stencils.

We hope these creative and easy DIY ideas inspire you to fill up every corner and wall of your home with Berger’s iPaint Glow In The Dark Stencils. Happy Halloween!

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