mother showing her daughter glow in the dark stars

If you are not sure where to begin or are running out of ideas to keep children entertained at home during this time, worry not! Read on for some good news from us.

There are a lot of changes children are going through with the disruption of normal activities due to the pandemic. They are unable to go to school, play outdoors and have been distanced from friends. They also are confused by all the chaos and stress around them. It may not be easy to deal with this unexpected change.

It is important that parents and caretakers reassure children that this is a temporary phase and that everyone will get through this together. It is important to protect their mental health.

Since the traditional summer camp is all about forging childhood friendships, building connections and exploring, it won’t feel the same now that it is cancelled.

While some of us are adapting to the new norm of working from home and kids have been attending virtual classrooms from home for over a year now, they do not have to give up on their summer camp dreams and miss out on all the fun they would usually get to have during their months off school. They can have their very own summer camp right from the comfort, and most importantly, the safety of home!

Although it may be tempting to rely on additional screen time to fill the gap, heavy screen use is associated with obesity, attention issues and poor sleep pattern in children.

DIY iPaint range by Berger Paints can serve as the perfect offline activity that can stimulate creativity, spark imagination and encourage physical activity. This can be a beautiful way to spend quality time with kids and other family members.

You can spice it up by pitching a real tent in the room for a stay-at-home camp and stunning night-time experience with Berger’s iPaint Glow in Dark Kit that has a fascinating option called Galaxy Design.

You can also opt for another exciting theme called Ocean World. As the name suggests, it features creatures of the ocean, giving off a feeling of being underwater with them. Since most kids find the sky and the seas fascinating, these stencils are sure to add whimsy, offering an escape from reality. And even better if your little one is a fan of Nemo, Aquaman, Popeye or Star Wars!

The glow-in-the-dark wall stencils are sure to keep their imagination alive during the darkest of times. Flip the switch and be prepared to be treated to a world of glowing magic.

Berger’s iPaint Stencil range boasts wonderful stencil options such as Feather, Birdie and Flora to choose from. The stencils are fantastic fun for people of all ages, and even more perfect for adults and children to enjoy together.

This kit has adequate tools which are required to paint the walls. All you have to do is get the wall paints for kids separately according to their choice. If this is not enough, you can also check the range of Berger’s DIY wall stickers that have interesting, eco-friendly options for children.

It is time to transform the kids’ room into an enchanted wonderland.

Final Thoughts

Such DIY projects can give a major impact without burning a hole in your pocket. Simply shop, receive, open and get the kids started on this stimulating DIY project! Click here:

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