DIY Glow in Dark Stencils

In the chaotic and hyperconnected world that we live in, nothing gives us a deeper sense of purpose and peace than simply looking at a starlit sky. As humans, we tend to feel a lingering pull toward things that are magical, sparkly and wondrous. But if you happen to live in a polluted city, star gazing might seem like a distant dream! Little did you know, if the stars can’t come to you, you can now bring them home with wall stencils for bedroom!

You can create a stunning space and astronomy decal on your walls using Berger iPaint DIY Glow in Dark Paint Kit- Galaxy Design. The do it yourself stencil kit comes with all the necessary tools and can be used by anyone, a pro or an amateur (we’ll get to the instructions in a bit). You can easily purchase the kit from the online store or on Amazon and Flipkart.

From subtle hints to all-out tributes to a beautiful night sky, you can recreate this into anything from living room to bathrooms to nurseries. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look up at your ceiling from your bed and see a sky spangled with stars? Star shaped wall decor gives a feeling of depth, texture and intricate detail to your walls. Set it against a dark navy or black wall to give it a true night-sky vibe.

From celestial stars to mysterious planets to a crescent moon, we show you how you can embrace a trend that is not only beautiful but you won’t have to travel or get out of the city to enjoy an out-of-this-world display:

How you can bring home the celestial skies using Berger iPaint DIY Glow in Dark Paint Kit

do it yourself stencil

Once you get your hands on the kit, it is super easy to recreate a starry night look for your home walls and/or ceiling. Simply follow these seven easy steps for DIY wall painting:

Step 1: Decide on a wall and ceiling, it could be your favourite corner in the house, the ceiling above your bed or the playroom.

Step 2: Peel the galaxy stencil and affix it on your chosen surface. Avoid applying too much pressure on the stencil so it is easy to remove later!

Step 3: Now begins the fun part! Pour a small amount of paint on the tray and dip your roller in it. Do not dilute the paint.

Step 4: Start painting your stencil by moving the roller in a downward and upward motion. Maintain a single direction of paint for an even and clean look. Let it dry for about 15 minutes.

Step 5: Once the paint has completely dried, repeat step 4 for a second coat.

Step 6: Right away, carefully remove the stencil. If you notice any spreading of paint, use the spotter to clean up the edges. Let the second coat dry for about 15 minutes.

Step 7: Repeat the steps using the stencil to create your own unique galaxy for your favourite corner in the house. Let the stencil absorb light for a couple of hours, turn off the lights and enjoy an awe-inspiring display of stars and galaxies!

There you have it! You can now experience the appeal and beauty of the night sky without stepping out of your door. Fire up your imagination and create a unique celestial display for your home. Don’t forget to tag us in your own DIY Berger iPaint projects on Instagram at @BergerPaintsIndia.

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