Diwali wall idea

Thinking of improving the aesthetic value of your home? Read on to know how Berger’s new DIY range can help.

Since the start of lockdown, DIY activities have spiked, with people finding numerous ways to create works of art to stay inspired and de-stress. Keeping our customers’ needs in mind, we have rolled out a new Do It Yourself iPaint range, which has something for every surface of the house.

While you can definitely avail our safe Express Painting service for all the big changes in your house and major home painting planning, for smaller DIY projects, you can turn to the iPaint range.

Nothing like a fun activity that will keep you occupied or bond with your family, right?

It is designed to empower you and to help you take care of home improvement on your own. It has everything for every nook and corner of your home. We have some creative and inspiring ideas meant to feed your imagination and help you kickstart your DIY projects. Rest assured they are beginner-friendly!

Add a splash of colour!

Let’s begin with Berger iPaint Self Painting Kit. If your walls need a bit of personality and punch, this is just the kit you need.

It is user friendly with the right set of tools which are required for DIY wall painting.

It also consists of a Direction of Usage booklet with illustrative instructions to make your job easy even if you are doing it for the first time. This DIY home painting kit is ideal for the interior walls of your home.

The quality of the tools is premium and comes in a budgeted price. Now isn’t that amazing? Don’t forget to prep a room for painting before you take the plunge.

Stencil it up!

If you are a creative mind, the Berger iPaint Stencil Kit is perfect for you. Stencilling is an extremely versatile and inexpensive way to revamp a wall. Instead of filling up an entire wall, you can create motifs, borders or an all-over pattern. They are perfect for creating vertical or horizontal panels to draw your eye to a particular area in the room.

You can create a beautiful design on your wall using the kit. It comes in different stencil designs with vibrant colour options to fulfil the need to create different patterns on the walls without any prior experience. It gives a smooth finish and a beautiful experience to the walls. With the help of the iPaint Wall Stencil Kit, you can make an eye-catching statement for your accent wall too.

All you have to do is affix the chosen stencil on the spot with the help of a masking tape and apply the paint over it with a foam roller.

Available as a set of three, you can take your pick from our carefully curated set of designs such as Birdie, Flora, Moony and Feathers. You can also choose the Diya and Bells stencil for your prayer room or simply to add some festive flair to your living space.

You can even consider using your stencil for a variety of crafts once you have completed your wall project.

Watch the magic unfold with Glow in the Dark Kit!

Isn’t there something magical in things that glow? Berger iPaint Glow in the Dark Kit is the perfect addition for a kids room or for the “day dreamer.” It comes in different fabulous stencil design theme options to give beautiful look to the ceiling and walls of the room at night. This highly durable glow in the dark paint is easy to apply and stays on the wall or ceiling without falling off until it is removed. Just wait for the sun to go down and watch how the room glows! It is sure to leave the kids spellbound and intrigued.

Beautify wooden and metal surfaces!

For someone who is sentimental and finds it a difficult to discard dull, old wooden and metal objects from the house, the Berger iPaint Enamel Paint is a must-have!

You can start beautifying straight from the main door of the house. A flaming red or radiant golden yellow enamel paint is just perfect to create a bold and stunning statement. There are other colour options available such as white, black and gold for you to choose from.

You can also update your old wooden photo frames with this enamel paint. Once done, you can show off your favourite photos by setting these frames atop a dresser or a mantelpiece. You can also create a striking gallery wall showcasing your best artwork in freshly-painted wooden frames.

If you have a dining table which has become dull, you can update it as well with a splash of this enamel paint. You can breathe new life into your kitchen cabinets and open shelves too, making it look brand new. The kit is useful to give a shiny new look to not only wooden surfaces but also metal ones. The kit comes with your chosen shade in a can along with a 2 inch brush and a sand paper. You can also use primer, if necessary.

Tackle simple repairs yourself!

For the “fixer of things”, we have Berger iPaint Basic Repair Kit. It is an easy solution for basic repairs such as Crack Filling and Tile Grouting in your home. It is easy to apply and provides excellent adhesion on the surface – An absolute essential in your kit!

One product, multiple applications!

Moving on, we have a product that takes immediate care of cracks and leakages on the GI/AC sheets, concrete, asbestos, windows, roofs, boats, containers, air-conditioning duct and pipes, sanitary pipes, gutter joint, cable insulation and refrigeration. It is the Multipurpose Seal Tape which is an all-weather, easy-to-apply, self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive, UV-resistant bituminous tape that is protected by an aluminium-film and reinforced with polyester film.

This is a useful addition to your home improvement kit and helps with waterproofing, bonding, sealing and insulation until a professional steps in to treat it permanently with science-backed solutions.


To wrap up, you can get creative with every bare wall and surface of your home using the Berger iPaint range.

We highly recommend that you try your hand at these home improvement projects and jazz up those commonly-overlooked spaces with these simple and budget-friendly updates. Some tasks might take even less than 30 minutes!

Accomplishing one small task is most likely to motivate you to tackle another one and the one after that. And before you know it, you will have tackled a lot of the projects on your home’s to-do list. Wouldn’t that be amazing? You will be surprised at what a big impact these changes can have on the style and function of a room.

You can choose one area of your home every day or every week, giving it the love and attention it deserves. How about you try this kit this weekend and let us know what you think of it?

In fact, there is no better time than now to purchase this kit and get ready for the upcoming festivities. Simply shop, receive, open and start with your DIY project! Click here:

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