Ganesh Chaturthi home decor

With Ganesh Chaturthi around the corner, we have put together some easy, fun and festive DIY décor ideas to upgrade your home!

Spruce up the walls
living room wall painting

Nothing spells festive like bright, bold shades of orange, green, red, blue and yellow! If you are thinking of living room wall painting for your Ganpati celebrations, you can use such rich colours to complement the backdrop of your Ganpati mandap.

If you don’t want to take up an elaborate Ganpati wall painting project but just spruce up the walls a bit, you can opt for wall stencils. You can choose Berger DIY Wall Stencil Kit that comes in different stencil designs like Diya, Bells, Flora and Birdie to give the walls a striking makeover. Berger Paints also has range of Wall Stickers which can help spruce up your home.

Upcycle old furniture
iPaint Spray Paint

The easiest thing you can upcycle is a wooden plank that can be converted into a usable piece of furniture. After sanding down the dirt, use enamel paint on the surface. Using metal surface plates, screw the legs into them, and voilà – you have a centre table ready!

With Bappa coming home, you can also paint old pieces of furniture, making it look brand-new, especially the wooden table over which you place the idol or the pandal. Berger iPaint Spray Paint can help with this transformation and comes in various exciting festive shades like gold, golden brown, deep orange, golden yellow and Phiroza blue.

Illuminate with string lights
wall painting design

You can hang string lights in the backdrop of the Ganpati pandal, making the space look enchanting and perfect for the festivities. It is bound to radiate a calm and peaceful aura. You can hang it across the walls in many layers to make the pandal shine in its luminescence.

Upgrade to plush upholstery
living room colors

One of the easiest ways to impart a festive look to your furniture is to jazz up the furnishing fabrics or to use decorative accessories. You can deck up the living room, dining area and the adjoining balcony or veranda with velvet, satin and tasselled upholstery to make a great festive statement!

Get crafty with small and sustainable décor pieces
window decor ideas

Instead of splurging on unwanted items, you can go with sustainable décor ideas.  Festivities are incomplete without beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers. For a floral touch, you can wrap your window grills with strings of marigold or keep pretty flowers like hibiscus or petunias. But before you do, sand off the grills and apply enamel paint in the colour of your choice for a fresh, clean look! You can opt for Berger iPaint DIY Enamel Paint Kit that is available in various festive shades.

We have another interesting idea to create something unique using used coconut shells. Sand off its husk and apply glue inside the shell. Once done, throw in some glitter powder. Apply a different colour of glitter on the rim of the shell for a striking contrast. Apply glue on the outer part of the coconut shell and sprinkle a different-coloured glitter yet again. Affix some coloured beads around the outer edges of the shell. Place a small tea-light candle inside the shell of this decorated artefact – here you have something timeless and unique!

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Also, we hope you liked our décor tips. If you use any of these decor tips, we’d love to see it! Simply tag us at @bergerpaintsindia in your photos.

Here’s wishing you all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

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