Bedroom wall painted in a dark shade

Quick and easy room wall design ideas to add a bit of punch and personality to your bedroom walls.

More than any other room in the house, the bedroom is truly a personal space. And most people don’t want their bedrooms to look like someone else’s. After all, shouldn’t it express your personality and individuality. If you are not sure how to express yourself through your home decor, here are some bedroom wall design ideas to explore which you can easily create yourself using Berger iPaint DIY Range.

Paint An Accent Wall In The Colour You Love
Accent wall painted in pink

The bedroom is the perfect space to spark joy. And colours are the perfect way to do just that. Colour can affect people on a psychological level. So if you are going to be seeing your wall every day, why not make it in a colour you love? Create a joyful oasis by painting an accent wall in your favourite colour. If you’re keen on trying out bolder and brighter tones, one approach is to use it in small pops. For instance, painting the trimmings or geometric shapes. When paired with a neutral palette, pops of colours add tons of visual interest and panache.

Highlight A Statement Piece
White table lamp next to a dark wall

Furniture is what makes your house feel like a home. A room is empty without it. Try to experiment with mix and match furniture. If you’re bored of same-looking furniture or have some old furniture that is an eye-sore, consider creating statement pieces. For this, you can make a trip to the flea market or simply use what you already own. With the help of Berger iPaint Spray Paint available in 11 stunning colours, create stunning statement furniture that is unique to you. If you’re feeling bold, colour choices like gold, silver, red and black make for a great option and when paired with interesting drawer knobs and accessories, they are sure to shine!

Express With Wall Stencils
Dark green leaves made with stencil on a green wall

If statement pieces aren’t your thing, maybe you might enjoy the whimsy and creative delight that wall stencils can bring. There are quite a few approaches you can take here. For best wall design for bedroom, integrate your hobbies and passion into your decor. You can pick from multiple themes like feathers, birdie, and floral from Berger iPaint DIY Wall Stencil Kit. Pick a wall you wish to add some visual interest in and simply follow the easy instructions that come with the kit!

Share Your Story
Light-coloured wall decorated with lights and pictures

Another great way to express yourself through your home decor is to add items that tell a story on the bedroom walls. Photos you have taken, awards and certificates you are proud of, books and magazines that you love, posters of your favourite bands, movies or a motivational quote that inspires you. Showcasing items like these in your interior decor is a beautiful way to tell your inspiring story to friends and family.

We hope these bedroom wall ideas help you embrace your individuality and add some personality to your interior and create a bedroom that you feel truly comfortable in.

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