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Every festival signifies something and Holi is a festival of colours. Originally celebrated by Hindus to mark the transition into the spring season, it has become a global event, celebrated and enjoyed by all!

With Holi just around the corner, we think it is a good idea to introduce beautiful colours in your home. Thinking of throwing a Holi party at your place? We have some cues to add colour to your home and entertain your guests too.

This blog will take less than 5 minutes reading time to explore easy and colourful home decoration ideas. Start scrolling now!

Let your walls do the talking
Holi is celebrated with a lot of excitement and cheer but it is a festival that leaves you with not just fun memories but also stains on the walls. No matter how careful you are, your home walls surely take a beating during the festivities, owing to Holi colours. However, you don’t have to worry if you opt for washable wall paints like Berger Easy Clean Fresh. This wall paint provides a rich luxurious finish, backed by Cross-Linking Polymers which ensure that even the most stubborn stains can be cleaned effortlessly from the walls. In this way, the paint helps the walls of your home stay spotless and sparkling.

Along with its unparalleled washability, it abates unpleasant smell from home interiors. It also imparts a fresh fragrance in its surroundings. Now, isn’t that awesome? This wall paint is sure to help you safeguard your walls pre and post the festival. All you have to do is pick a fun shade of your choice and jazz up your home walls.

Say it with colourful flowers

To start off, decorate your living room with fresh flowers. Flowers work like a charm to greet guests.  You can place bowls with flowers in full bloom, either on the centre tables or the side tables. Bring in different varieties of colourful flowers to your home. No Hindu festival is complete without marigold flowers so make sure to add them to your home décor for a touch of warmth. It is bound to exude a heady aroma and serve as a treat to the eyes.

You can place vases of fresh flowers even on the bathroom window in keeping with the spirit of Holi.

You can simply hang a garland of colourful flowers in your home entrance door, balconies and staircase railings. It is sure to liven up the ambiance of your home.

Illuminate with multi-hued lights

Though much of Holi is celebrated during the day, guests often arrive in the evening. Decorating with colourful pendant lights is a great idea as it lends a radiant and incandescent glow to the living space. You can hang an attractive pendant light in the centre of the ceiling for a striking effect and to create a warm welcome of your guests who visit you for the Holi party at your home.

Pretty up your walls with paper buntings

In home interiors, do not neglect your walls! You can add some quirky wall hangings for a vibrant touch. Beautifying the walls of your home can make for a great conversation starter when you have guests over. You can also decorate the walls with paper buntings to express your creativity.

All you need to do is cut out triangles from coloured sheets, mark holes on them and pass a string or a long ribbon through them. Hang them on the walls and doorways of your home for a dash of colour.

Perhaps it is one of the easiest ways to bring the spark of Holi to your home!

Artistic and colourful wall hangings can completely change the appearance of your home. You should pick colours that complement the walls.

Beautify with accent pillows

You can add a touch of festivity to the space by throwing on some bold-coloured cushions for a dramatic look. Take a break from creams and pastel cushion covers and replace them with vibrant yellow or red ones. Use some cushion covers that have beautiful mirror work on them as it will add charm to your home interior this Holi.

Accentuate the floor with colourful area rug

Why should the floor remain plain and unattractive this Holi? Create a perfect festive mood for the Holi party with colourful area rugs to protect the floor from getting stained. Pick dark hues that do not spoil due to the Holi colours.

Set the tone with stylish bed sheets

You can replace the old bed sheets with new ones. While picking the bed sheets, opt for synthetic and washable fabrics. They are easy to wash even if Holi colours spread on them. Do not go for light-hued bed sheets for this festival. You can opt for bright colours like yellow, green, pink, red – whichever you like the most!

Put a personal touch with painted pots

You can include some bright home decor items into your living space like painted pots. You can have a clustered arrangement on a shelf or a side table. You can buy them or can paint them yourselves as a DIY project, starting with simple clay pots from your local market and painting them. You can make the pots as colourful as you like for this Holi decoration using your favourite shades.

Ring in the festive spirit with Thandai

A traditional Holi party means Thandai. Fill glasses with colourful and poignant spices of the much-loved drink and bring out the essence of this festival. It is sure to make the celebration more happening and fun-filled!

Since the festival is mainly all about colours, you can get creative with colourful mocktails made from beetroots, kiwis and oranges to add life to your Holi party, if you are willing to experiment.

Pamper your guests with skincare products

Since it is quite possible that your guests are most likely going to complain about dry and itchy skin after being slathered in layers of harsh colours, it is a good idea to stock up on products such as scented soaps, body oils and store them in decorative pumps and trays.

To wrap up, Holi is one of the best occasions to replace your home with seasonal décor elements to welcome spring. Let your home come alive with these ideas and create a great impression in front of your guests!

May this Holi bring you lot of joy and prosperity. Here’s wishing you all a happy and safe Holi. Opt for dry Holi and avoid chemical colours as they are harmful to the skin. Besides enjoying, we must also make a conscious effort to make it as eco-friendly as possible. You can print slogans like ‘Save Water’ to encourage a dry Holi and to spread the message of how important saving water is.

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