One essential piece of bedroom furniture is your wardrobe, which, after your bed, undoubtedly has the most noticeable visual impact and uses. Wardrobes are typically used to keep your essentials. But a contemporary two-colour wardrobe design is a mind-blowing object that is more than just basic furniture for your home. Most of us tend to favour neutral, light tones or pastel wardrobe shades that blend in with the room’s colour when choosing our wardrobes. However, your bedroom wardrobe is no longer required to be a secret or covert item.

Follow the tips shared in this blog and try out Berger Express painting to make your wardrobe stand out from the rest of your space!

Significance of wardrobe colour combination

Your bedroom is where you go to unwind, connect, and simply be yourself. You may alter how you see a space by adding thoughtful details, lovely décor, and light furnishings. Your room could still feel cramped and small despite these additional subtleties. Choosing a different paint colour for your bedroom wardrobe is a terrific way to enlarge the appearance of the space and give it a more airy feel.

You may create the ideal atmosphere for your place with the appropriate choice. Colour has the extraordinary power to transform any space. The most popular colours for cabinet laminate design that is Vastu-approved are light wood finishes, neutrals, and whites. Choose seamless and streamlined colours when wardrobes take up a lot of space in a room. We all know that lighter paint colours, such as off-whites, soft neutrals, pastels, and pale shades, create the appearance of bigger, brighter rooms.

Always stay away from a bright or dark closet or wardrobe colours. Anger is symbolised by a dark-coloured wardrobe door laminate design, such as crimson and black. Therefore, avoid using deep and dark colours for bedroom wardrobe doors. Dark hues might also give the impression that the space is smaller than it actually is.

How to choose wardrobe colour combination

Create Bedroom Theme

Consider your material and finish choices while creating a bedroom wardrobe. Check that the cabinet is durable and that the colour schemes complement your bedroom theme. Your closet should be decorated in a colour scheme that complements the rest of the room including flooring design, wall design and Ceiling Paint. Equal amounts of each colour should be utilised without going excessive. The wardrobe layout should complement the rest of the bedroom and be the same colour as the walls.

Consider Bedroom flooring colour

One of the simplest methods to clean up your wardrobe is to replace the flooring and improve your closet storage. You should pick a material that complements your design aesthetic, fits within your price range, and is solid and straightforward to maintain. One of the most affordable flooring alternatives is carpet, which can be readily extended from the bedroom for a seamless appearance. Additionally, it’s wonderfully comfy and pleasant, giving you a warm, plush floor every morning. Both vinyl and laminate flooring are great options if you have a limited budget. They give your closet a traditional wood floor or tiled look for less money and maintenance.

Choose base colour

There are no fixed guidelines for the colour scheme of your wardrobe because everyone is unique and has distinct colour preferences. Instead of picking the first closet or wardrobe colour combination you encounter, it’s important to know how various colour combinations make you feel and to strategically incorporate them into your decor. Knowing your base colours and the colours you select while purchasing your necessities is helpful. Colours that reflect your style are what you want.

Choose highlight colour

Highlighting your wardrobe in a different colour is a fantastic technique to incorporate two colour combinations of wardrobe design. This can result in some fantastically contrasted cupboard colour combinations. You can use a stark white colour to draw attention to your grey wardrobe laminate colour combination, giving it a more streamlined appearance.

Colour Blocking

You can experiment with two-colour sunmica wardrobe designs in your room. The ambience in this bedroom is light and spacious. A bright yellow accent was added to the space to break up the monotony because a white and grey wardrobe would look pale compared to the rest of the room. This two-colour sunmica wardrobe design is a fantastic choice for your cupboard mica design.

Different shades of wood

Your wooden wardrobe’s design, style, and purpose determine the material. Cupboards made of wood or painted have a more traditional appearance than modern designs. You can choose a light or dark wood finish according to your needs. You can also select a laminated finish to give your wardrobe with a mirror a more contemporary appearance. Although both alternatives can be stained or painted, veneer costs more than solid wood. Therefore, think about several wood tones before purchasing your ideal wardrobe.

Wardrobe colour combinations for bedroom

berger paints colour combination for living room

Red and White

A wardrobe in red and white always makes a striking statement. Design the white laminate wardrobe with a hint of red border, tiny red diamond patterns, or alternate red shutters, depending on the bedroom’s theme. Another design possibility is to use red for half of the bottom base and white for the total base. Although it is a dramatic colour choice, red, the colour of passion and love, is a fantastic alternative for the bedroom. As Vastu warns against using too much red in the bedroom, balance it with white.

White and Yellow

The sunmica white and yellow wardrobe combo is cheery and complements a primarily white bedroom. A wardrobe can be created with broad, vertical or horizontal yellow mica stripes on white laminates. A lighter colour represents tranquilly and harmony. Using brighter colours also makes the bedroom feel airy. Make sure to pick a yellow colour that is light enough.

Black and White

In terms of decor, any style will work with the traditional and timeless combination of white and black laminate. Choose a black and white wardrobe laminate design pattern to add a sense of sophistication and elegance to your home. Less black should be used for the wardrobe in the bedroom because it will make the space seem darker. Add gold accessories to the black and white wardrobe for a sense of luxury. Paint white walls to promote relaxation, and choose black furniture for contrast, like the bed and bedside tables. Choose your favourite Wall paints from Berger that matches your wardrobe perfectly.

Monochromatic shades with white

Sunmica in white and monochromatic colours creates the bedroom’s wardrobe. For a contemporary wardrobe, choose combinations of white, two shades of green (light and dark), cream, or pale blue and royal blue laminate. You can go with a two-tone colour scheme that combines a dark and light shade of pink to create a relaxing atmosphere. You can also opt for the highly fashionable shades of grey (pale grey and charcoal).

Rustic colour mix

There won’t be a requirement for another colour in a rustic-finished bedroom cabinet colour. Dark brown subtly draws attention to the bedroom’s dual-tone cabinet colour scheme.

White and Brown

When the wardrobe is painted white, it truly sticks out. A timeless combination is white and brown because of their exquisite contrast. The white background in the wardrobe is enhanced by contrasting the white and the brown. Consider your home’s general colour scheme while selecting colours for your wardrobe. If your walls are white or grey, you can choose bolder colours like brown for your wardrobe. Brown is a sure thing regarding colour schemes for your wardrobe. To keep it fresh, incorporate patterns, texture, hardware, and a two-colour wardrobe design. Two different colours of brown are used to give the wardrobe additional dimension and a double-colour way. The wardrobe laminate colour combinations are highlighted by the darker outlining. The patterned wood and mirror add a modern touch to the typical basic cabinet colour options.  

Teal with or without Mirror

Teal is a beautiful shade named for the band of colour surrounding a teal bird’s eyes and will make you think of nature. The mirrored central panel contrasts wonderfully with the two-tone colour scheme of the sliding wardrobe. The two panels contrast with the loft’s rough wood laminate surface.


From merely functional furniture, cabinets and closets have evolved into works of art in and of themselves. These days, you have a wide range of alternatives for cabinet colours, designs, and finishes, including veneer, laminate, glass, and others. In conclusion, wearing two tones makes an closet look less bulky and creates an intriguing contrast in the colour scheme. For help choosing winning combinations for your home, get in touch with the Berger team.


1. Which colours should be avoided in bedroom wardrobe colour combination?

Never pick closet colours that are too bright or dark. Dark laminate wardrobe door designs, including red and black, imply unpleasant feelings like anger. Therefore, avoid using deep and dark colours when designing wardrobe doors in your bedroom. Dark hues can also make the space appear smaller than it actually is and flat.

2. Which are the best wardrobe colour combination for kids bedroom?

As the colour of nature’s bounty, green is ideal for the Vastu of your child’s room. Moreover, it symbolises expansion and prosperity. Additionally, glancing at something green calms the eyes. For overly active children, blue is advised.

3. Can I use more than two colours for wardrobe?

Yes, you can use more than two colours in your wardrobe, but if the colours are not picked carefully, sometimes it can look too cluttered.

4. Which are best for kids wardrobe colour ideas?

Choose bold, unconventional colours to give your children’s wardrobe some personality. Safe choices are white, aqua, beige, pink, and lemon yellow. Making them stand out is easy with contrasting colour schemes. Add entertaining drawings and figures of animals and cartoon characters to suit their tastes.

5. Can I use same colour for wardrobe door and handle?

Although door handles should only partially match the wardrobe, they should blend in to create a harmonious space.

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