Deck the walls! Find inspiration from your home walls to create a beautifully decorated home for the holidays.

As we head towards the end of the year, we can’t help being joyful about all the festivity and merriment around us, especially after the overwhelming and chaotic year that has been. While most of us will be spending Christmas from the safety of our homes, there is no reason why we can’t embrace the festive spirit and make every corner fun and festive.

When determining a colour scheme for Christmas decorations, it is important to keep the focus on the overall colours you already have in your home. The walls make up the majority of any room and it is a good idea to complement your wall paint colour with the right decor. We have gathered a few ideas for you to carry the colour scheme inspired by your existing decor.

White walls

White walls are a blank canvas for festive decorations. Whether you choose to pick traditional red and green colours or wish to incorporate metallic accents with ornaments, white walls effortlessly complement both, over the top and simple, understated decorations. You could also choose to go all white to mirror that snowy and dreamy White Christmas look.

Off-white or cream walls

Soft, pastel tones will complement off-white or cream walls to bring out a sense of unity in your home decor. You can also opt for gold or brown colour accents to help reflect the colours further and add warmth and sophistication to the space.

Grey walls

If your wall colour is a darker shade of grey, use white, gold and silver and for lighter shades, use dark grey and yellow for your decor. You could also complement a grey wall with yellow toned lights for a contrasting look that is sure to set your home decor apart.

Red walls

If you have red walls, keep the decor muted and simple. Even a green wreath on the walls can add different textures and balance. Accents of golden yellow can work well when used in limited doses.

Green walls

Dark green walls will highlight metallic hues in white and gold strikingly. Lighter green walls work best with minimalistic decor. Try using wooden decor that can be complement with dark green and metallic red. You can also give your furniture a colourful DIY makeover with Berger’s iPaint Range.

Blue walls

For blue walls, green, white and silver can pair wonderfully. You can also add wooden and glass ornaments to your Christmas tree. Blue and green can be a great colour combination, reminiscent of nature, it can give your home a calming, surreal vibe.

Pink walls

Traditional red and green colour combinations might look out of place with pink walls. Instead, opt for silver and gold ornaments and soften up the ambience with yellow toned string lights.

Yellow and orange walls

For bright and warm colours like yellow and orange, using natural elements like branches, pine cones and foliage will add a unique look to your decor. For yellow walls, a combination of green and red can work or you can go metallic with silver toned accessories. For orange walls, add zest and spice with scarlet red and contrasting white.

We hope these Christmas decor ideas inspire you to create your own Christmas haven. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from all of us at Berger Paints India!

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