The Hindu culture is a melange of hues, with each colour bearing a meaning to it. Shades of red, yellow, orange, and blue are some of the most common ones used. These colours play a significant role in rituals, ceremonies, and religious functions and contribute to the rich tapestry of Hindu tradition and culture.

The Significance of Orange and Blue             

Orange and blue interior paints offer options with their many shades available from Berger Paints.

Orange: The Colour of Energy and Purity

This sacred colour in Hindu culture represents energy and purity. Orange, which is vibrant and warm at the same time. Orange wall colour stimulates enthusiasm and a captivating allure. This saffron shade creates an inviting space when used for wall colour ideas during Ganesh Chaturthi.

The Colour of Tranquillity and Divinity                 

The divine and infinite are represented by the colour blue. The tranquil blue shade is often used for wall painting as it is associated with imagination, inspiration, and stability. Blue wall colour ideas can be used for Ganpati décor, infusing a divine feel.

Harmonizing Dualities with Orange and Blue                          

Orange and blue, the complementary colours on a colour wheel, when used together can create a striking, harmonious contrast. The orange and blue combination for Ganesh Chaturthi can reflect warmth, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening. Incorporating tones of orange and blue in artwork, paintings, accessories, or décor is visually appealing.

Colour Schemes for Ganesh Chaturthi

While orange is linked with warmth and energy, blue is tranquil and calm. A wall painting for Ganesh Chaturthi with an orange and blue combination can balance the elements of peace and enthusiasm, thus showcasing an interplay of contrasting hues.

Orange Wall Ideas                

Make it an accent wall, or use a warm tone of the palette throughout, and balance the look with complementing accessories. For colour schemes, a neutral palette will play out great with a fresh punch of orange, and a bright space will appear even brighter with orange.

Radiant Orange: A Colour of Celebration

A bold, radiant shade of orange from our colour catalogue is beautiful to welcome the bappa. The colour beautifully enhances the celebrations, inviting fervour and warmth.

Orange Accents: Adding Warmth to Your Space

Not sure you want to go for a full-blown make-over? You can incorporate shades of orange in accessories and accents around the space. Think orange vases, artwork, or even flowers.

Orange Feature Wall: A Bold Statement                     

An orange feature wall is the perfect way to create a backdrop for the Ganpati décor. Opt for textured walls or a wallpaper with appealing patterns that make a bold statement.

Blue Wall Ideas                     

The palette of blue creates a calming effect. From nautical hues to regal shades, blue evokes clarity and imagination. A blue wall painting for Ganesh Chaturthi can instantly inject a calm, divine feel.

Serene Blue: Invoking Tranquillity                  

Blue wall painting is one of the most beautiful ways to create a tranquil ambience. It encapsulates the essence of the colour, which evokes peacefulness.

Blue Accents: Balancing the Vibrancy                          

Blue colour elements in the decoration or blue accents used in the room can create a soothing, spiritual atmosphere.

Blue and White Combo: A Classic Choice

The blue and white combination is the epitome of serenity and is visually soothing. This classy choice also represents elegance and can be paired with contrasting accents for a balanced look.

Combining Orange and Blue for the Ganesh Festival

An orange and blue combination for Ganesh Chaturthi is all things appealing. While visually they have a striking effect, emotionally they invoke feelings of warmth and stability, symbolising the balance between passion and peace.

Wall Decor and Accessories

Wall hangings, artwork, and accessories that are associated with Ganpati can be used for Ganpati decoration ideas. Religious motifs and symbols, diyas, and murals can inject festive vibes.

Colour Coordination with Furniture                

Make sure your colour theme runs along with your furniture. You can simply refresh the furniture with furnishings in an orange and blue colour combination.


Introduce vigour into the celebrations this Ganesh Chaturthi with décor that incorporates the striking orange and blue colour combination. Berger Easy Clean paints are perfect for retaining the freshness of the paint for a long time.


What are some DIY ideas for incorporating orange and blue into wall decor?

Go for stencils, textured walls with a sponge effect, wall art, and wall hangings in orange and blue.

What are some tips for creating beautiful mandalas in these colours for the festival?

Plan your design, begin from the centre, have symmetry, and make patterns with festive elements.

How can I decorate the exterior walls of my home for Ganesh Chaturthi?

You can hang artwork, draw murals, paint the pots, and light them up with string lights or lanterns.

What are some tips for preserving the vibrancy of orange and blue wall colours after the festival?

Easy Clean by Berger can be used to clean the walls and retain their freshness.

What are some ideas for drapery and curtains that match orange and blue walls?

Neutral tones, prints and patterns with hints of blue and orange, and sheers are some of the options.


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