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Read this blog to know how to bring your home walls to life with unusual colour pairings.

We believe that your living space tells a story of who you are. Hence, it is important to decide a style for your home which resonates the most with you. Contrasting colours on the walls can help in creating a layered home with character and depth.

Professional designers and decorators know what effect a change in home colour can have, but for many of us, choosing paint still feels like a bit of a gamble.

There is a lot to think about before choosing wall colours. A room can look like it belongs to a kid, a teenager or an adult, depending on how you treat the walls and the colours you use! Colours have a surreal quality. It can take you back to your childhood. It can mentally transport you to the ocean, mountain, forest or even an exotic land!

This blog features some of our favourite unusual and captivating colour combination  that can make your walls look awe-inspiring. Revel in five enthralling new ways to colour your living space!

Beige and Red
wall painting designs pictures for living room

Using the right colours can make your space look luxurious yet welcoming. Beige can offer a soothing invitation to rest while a simple addition of a rich red shade can add just the right amount of drama.

Get the look: Your home is an abode of peace. You can create a warm and inviting scheme with these two unique pairings. A sensuous hue like SOFT SAND (7P1609) that is reminiscent of golden ripened wheat paired with a vibrant paprika red shade called EMPRESS ROSE (1D0324) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue can bring relaxation to the entire space, particularly the living room.

Grey and Green
wall painting for living room images

Perfectly neutral walls and cool tones can fill a room with beautiful energy. Juxtapose grey with green to bring a calm sophistication, enveloping the whole room like a comforting shell.

Get the look: Bringing both these colours together can be a great way to give your living space an added boost of decorative appeal. We believe that SILVER SAND (8T1716) and BRAZIL GREEN (4D2150) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue make an alluring colour combination. A classy grey serves as the perfect complementary shade alongside green that symbolises balance and calm. This is a wonderful combination for a bedroom or a kitchen.

Pink and Black 
living room colours images

This striking duo can invigorate just about any room, from a spacious living room to a cosy bedroom. All it really takes for a simple space to come alive is placing these two shades together.

That’s not all. You can use black accents around your shelves, cupboard, cabinets and light fixtures for a dramatic effect. We wouldn’t leave such a room if we were you! This combination is ideal to spruce up living spaces of a playful nature such as a kid’s room or a nursery. It is certain to help children indulge in creative activities and fuel their imagination.

Get the look: Walls are your canvas to elevate the features making a house a beautiful home. Colour your living spaces with the pulsating energy of pink and the boldness of black! You can achieve this effect with a shade like COTTON CANDY (1P0458) and PIERCING BLACK (8A2614) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue.

Grey and Blue 
wall painting designs pictures for living room

There is something utterly charming in the beautiful and timeless tones of neutrals. Allow your walls to make a statement with a neutral shade. Neutrals like grey can give your living space an understated elegance that feels sophisticated yet natural.

This shade will work in pure harmony with a versatile hue like blue, as you can see from the photograph above. Pair these two shades together to make solitary spaces feel stylish.

Get the look: CELESTIAL SHADOW (8T1795) is the perfect neutral tone flaunting an intriguing aura. Paired with the universally-loved blue such as OPEN SKY (5T1101) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue will allow you to highlight a favourite feature or corner of your home. We believe it will surely create a serene room experience. Together, this duo is bound to bring a sense of tranquillity to your living space, especially living room and bedroom.

Turquoise and Apricot 
living room colors photos

A shade like turquoise is sure to lend a cool effect while a shade such as apricot will look neat and crisp. This delicious recipe of colours is bound to add dynamism to the entire room.

Get the look: Decorating a room is like painting a picture. There is nothing more fascinating than starting with a blank canvas and filling your home with the colours that you find most appealing.

A refreshing shade of turquoise TEAL TEASE (4T0964) along with a pleasant shade like TROPICAL FRUIT (2T0628) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue can work beautifully together. To enhance the visual appeal and size of a room, we recommend switching paints at the right height. You can take inspiration from the photograph above and use this pairing as two colour combination for bedroom walls as well. The apricot shade can work well for the lower section of your bedroom wall while the turquoise shade can start right from your bed’s headboard going all the way up to the ceiling.

Tip: In order to amplify the effect of colour, use the right decor and proper accent pieces to add interest to a space.


We bet you didn’t think of such wall colour combinations before. To create some interesting looks in your house with the above-mentioned colour combinations, avail Berger’s Express Painting service.

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With disinfected, automated tools, our skilled painters will cast a spell and work their magic on your home walls. Prepare to be charmed!

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