The bedroom is where you start the day and end it. So you should be very thoughtful regarding your bedroom interior decoration.From furniture to the curtains, you should choose everything accordingly.

When it comes to the interior decoration of your bedroom, you have to choose the right two-colour combinations for bedroom walls. This way, you can make your bedroom beautiful and welcoming with the help of
Interior Wall Paints

Colours always play a crucial role in defining the aesthetics and energies of space. Each colour has its beauty and significance. So choosing colours that vibe well together is an art. Use two colours that suit your personality to make an interesting colour combination.

Colour combinations in the bedroom have a powerful impact, so choosing wisely and knowing the effect of different colours is necessary. Colour combinations can be worked to set the mood as muted, vibrant, bold, passive, serene etc., depending on what suits you best. You can select from various colour options depending on what you seek in life or your personality. 

Understanding the concept of color categories in cool and warm colors

It is important to understand which colour combination works the best before we share the latest colour combinations. What are the broad colour categories for the ideal two-colour combination for walls?

Well, you have COOL colours and WARM colours. You may find many two colour combinations for bedrooms with both cool and warm colours or completely cool or warm colours. So how do you define it? 

COOL colours—blue, purple, violet and more are great soothing interior colour combinations for bedrooms. They represent the cool water, having a calming effect on our minds.

On the other hand, WARM colours such as orange, red, and yellow express emotions including joy, love and passion. Warm colours exude a harmonising touch of warmth for the bedroom residents. Those are great for combining with colourful furnishings and décor options.

The color category for good color combinations

  1. Yellow and Cream Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

A minimalist bedroom with a cream and yellow colour combination:

colour combination

This combination is full of hope and positivity. Yellow, the colour of the sun, cheer up your bedroom, erasing the shadows. Add a tone of cream to it, and you have a bedroom that radiates a happy and youthful mood. Neutral and quiet, the cream is a shade that visually matches yellow and aligns with what it extends in its surroundings. Also, add some minimal and personalised decor to your room and create a space of comfort and belonging. 

  1. Mint Green & White Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

If you are among the work hard who often have a stressful day at work, opt for a mint green and white colour combination for bedroom walls. Mint green or a muted shade of green has a tranquil effect on the surrounding. The soothing shade of green can make you feel refreshed. Pair it with a muted white that stands for peace and tranquillity. Congratulations, you have achieved a calming and relaxing room, helping you rest well at night. 

  1. Best Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls: Brown and White

hall colour combination

Are you looking for some stability in life?

Choose brown as a prominent shade in your bedroom. As per the psychology of color, brown is the color of stability and reliability, and when used on your bedroom walls, it creates an atmosphere of deep relaxation. Colors need not be the dominating shade in the space. Instead, you can use it as an imitation of a wooden accent wall. This combination will bring in the energies of the brown and the natural wood element to your space and add some character.

  1. Burnt Orange & Purple 


Do you want to try a smoky and sultry combination on your walls? 

Burnt orange and purple lend a sultry, smoky ambience to your bedroom. You can go for it if the look is quite satisfying and equally exciting. To fire up your sensuality, the colour orange plays an important role! As both the colours have a deeper tone, they will add a royal tone to your bedroom.

  1. Lavender Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Lavender, the colour and the fragrance are calming and known to achieve a good night’s rest. If you want to add calming colours to your bedroom wall and help you unwind, then lavender and white are great. This can also be a favoured colour combination for many living rooms too.

Lavender and yellow are a nice choice for softer hues for bedroom colours. This colour combination is traditional yet interesting for all kinds of bedrooms. Use the creamy shade of yellow with the softer hue of lavender to bring elegance and sophistication.

The best examples of two color combination for bedroom walls 

  1. Coral and White 

A fantastic colour pop combination. The warmth of white creates a relaxed vibe and complements well with catchy coral. If you have a seaside property, this combination of bedroom walls is a great choice as Coral is often associated with beaches. The punchy Coral on the white canvas will produce a vibrant look to your bedroom.

  1. Turquoise and Beige 

One of the classic evergreen combinations is—a neutral colour and a bright colour for the accent wall of your bedroom. The beige shade perfectly warms out the vivid ocean blue, two colour combination for bedroom walls. With the help of the right accessories, it will be the perfect beach retreat! Colour therapy, right?

  1. Monochrome shades of Gray

Grey is a neutral colour. Hence it blends well with its shades and adds a great choice for a monochrome look. Try lighter shades of grey alongside to enhance the appeal of your space grey. 

  1. Burgundy & Beige

Are you going to get married soon?

Beige and burgundy is a bedroom two-colour combination that adds a warm tone of romance to the bedroom. This paint combination on your bedroom walls will level up the chemistry between you and your spouse. The warm tone of burgundy can keep you excited, while the beige adds a soothing effect to your eyes. Such a colour combination can be alluring.

  1. Indigo & White

Though the colour blue has always been the favourite colour for bedroom walls for a long time, indigo can add more vividness to your walls. The combination is soothing and relaxing on your walls. Indigo provides warmth to your room, and when paired with white, your room will look sophisticated and sky-like.

How Can Berger Paints Help You to Choose Two Colour Wall Combinations?

You are wondering if your chosen two colour shades will be the right for your bedroom? A colour may look nice in a catalogue, but how will it look on the bedroom walls? Now it’s time to say goodbye to these colour qualms with Interior Paint Product FinderBerger Colour Visualiser tool allows you to experiment with colours online before you even begin painting. Here you can pick and choose colours for your room. And the application has numerous images of indoor and outdoor projects for you to try out your colours. 

Have you selected the two colour combinations for Home Painting? Now experience Berger Express Painting services. They will paint your house super fast, super responsively with modernised tools.


The two-colour combination for your bedroom wall can hugely impact your mood, sleeping patterns, and habits. So it is very important to choose the right two colour combinations for bedroom walls or colours that are linked with what you want your room to feel like. Here in this blog, we have provided some trending colour combination for bedroom walls and have given you a little hint about what those colours symbolise and represent in your bedroom. 


Which two-color combination is best for the bedroom?

If you are looking for the best colour combination for bedroom, here’s some —Burnt Orange & Purple, White & Coral, Beige & Burgundy, Turquoise & Beige,…

How do colors affect our sleeping patterns?

How darker or lighter shades you paint your bedroom can affect your sleeping patterns. For example:

Purple is shown as the colour of spirituality and abundance. At the same time, lighter shades of purple in your bedroom, like lavender and lilac, stimulate creativity and keep you calm and thoughtful. But darker shades can be a little too overpowering and may lead to you having vivid dreams or even nightmares that will leave you tired in the mornings. 

What is the most popular color for bedrooms ( Two color combination)?

Here are the 10 most popular two colour combination for bedroom walls —

  1. Yellow and Cream
  2. Mint Green and White
  3. Burnt Orange and Purple
  4. Brown and White
  5. lavender and off white
  6. Indigo and White    
  7. Turquoise and Beige 
  8. Coral and White 
  9. Burgundy and Beige
  10. Space Grey and Light Grey

Which color combination is best for small bedrooms?

If you are looking for two colour combinations for bedroom walls, some of the best options are brown and beige, dark blue and white, white and light pink, muted green with brown etc.

Can you paint 2 accent walls?

You better have only one accent wall in your bedroom. Otherwise, things can go heavy.

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