Decor trends that will be the biggest in 2023. Get inspiration from our classic home decor designs and ideas.

With a new year on the horizon comes some interior design trends that are set to rule in 2023. Interior design trends may not come and go as quickly as fashion trends but there are always new trends on the radar for people looking to spruce up their homes.

Decor trends for 2023 are varied and vast. There are some new colours, new materials, new textures and more importantly, some new moods which will revolve around a serene, spa-like sense, or a fun and patterned boost of joy. We are all craving a better outlook and a part of achieving this is to condition your brain in being surrounded by a positive, enriching environment.

This desire has been interpreted in many different ways but here are some interior design for living room and beyond that we think will be the biggest in 2023 and beyond.

Interior Design Trend #1: Pantone Colour Of The Year 2023- Viva Magenta

Pantone introduced us to Very Peri in 2022, a periwinkle shade of blue. In 2023, the global colour authority has announced a playful magenta shade and what a stunning, powerful shade it is! Expect Viva Magenta to take over the home decor industry with the colour being incorporated into wall paints, rugs, furniture, bedding and beyond!

For tips on how you can add this bold hue to your space, read our blog on “Best Wall Colour Combinations For Pantone’s 2023 Colour Of The Year: Viva Magenta.

Interior Design Trend #2: Parisian-inspired Interior Design

This trend started taking hold with ‘Emily in Paris’ and we are head over heels for the trés chic interiors. Emily’s apartment hits all the right interior notes with mismatched furnishings, layers of linens, wicker furniture and plenty of bold prints. Not to forget, with travel surging again in the post-pandemic world, people are seen incorporating inspiration from their holiday destinations into their humble abodes. Expect to see traditional borders, white walls, cosy rugs, and giant-sized golden border mirror that channel that Parisian-chic vibe.

Interior Design Trend #3: Colourful Marble To Make a Statement

While white marble with grey veining has been the gold standard used in the bathroom, kitchen and even product design, we are starting to see marble get more colourful. Green, blue, pink and even dark black is coming to the fore. While marble is an expensive material, if you are on a tight budget, there are plenty of wall textures and stickers available in the market that look just as classy and are cost-effective as well!

Interior Design Trend #4: Arches Will Make a Comeback

Rounded doorways, windows, wall designs and ceilings are going to be a big room designing trend in 2023. In fact, this trend is making a comeback, most popularly seen in our grandparents’ homes. However, this time around, they are seen in a more contemporary form to add softness and timelessness to any space.

Interior Design Trend #5: Painted Wardrobes

Homeowners are experimenting with unique wardrobe designs and colours. No longer a boring addition to your bedroom, wardrobes are now seen as pieces of furniture that can add some colour and class to the space. Be it a statement colour like the sage green seen here or floral designs, wardrobes are about to get a whole lot more stylish.

Interior Design Trend #6: Jewel Tones Will Continue To Be Popular

People are more open to making bold colour choices in their homes. Our colour experts anticipate brighter colours in jewel tones gaining traction for living room interiors.

Interior Design Trend #7: Statement Lights

One of the biggest mistakes that amateur home decorators make is neglecting to focus on lighting. While lighting is often treated as an afterthought, it is getting the spotlight in 2023. We foresee seeing more glossy finishes and elaborate lampshades. Ceramic shades like terracotta and ivory are also getting quite popular for table, floor, surface and pendant lighting. Mushroom lamps are also seen brightening up homes in retro style. With their clean, rounded lines, this 70s-inspired trend is finding its way back into the mainstream and our homes are about to be happier places because of it!

Interior Design Trend #8: Black Accents

In 2022, we saw more interior designers and homeowners get comfortable experimenting with dark, bold colours and we expect this trend to continue into the New Year. It is all about rich tones for 2023 including shades of black and grey for hall interior design. Dark colours have a depth to them that you just cannot get from a neutral or pastel palette. They help create satisfying designs that are a treat for the eyes. When used correctly, black accents can evoke a strong sense of drama and whimsy in a space!

Interior Design Trend #9: Natural Materials

As we continue to see the positive effects of being close to nature, there is a rising trend in the usage of natural materials in living spaces. Materials such as bamboo, wood and cork are used to bring some of the natural world into the comfort of our homes. They also help add texture and character to a space.

Interior Design Trend #10: Curved Furniture

While modern design has been all about clean lines, expect to see more curves in 2023. Curved furniture is all about organic shapes defined by both ergonomics and comfort. Curves also make a space look more welcoming. Homeowners can try out this trend with something like a side table or accent chairs with curved backs.


Now that you know what bedroom interior design will trend in 2023, it is time to begin decorating. Once you have decided on which design trends you want to incorporate in your house, help is at hand to translate inspiration into reality!

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  1. Afton Jackson says: January 4, 2023 at 6:03 am

    Black accents are definitely the trend that I can see myself liking the most. With those kinds of accents, I can see this being an excellent way for me to add some drama and daring tones into this house without going too overboard with it. I’ll go and consult an interior designer about this so we can discuss what would be the best ways to use this idea.

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