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Here we shall discuss painting house exteriors in different temperatures and seasons. Let’s know how much moisture is accepted when applying paints or if winter is the best for exterior painting. Learn about tips, the best exterior wall paints, and painting services.

When To Start Planning Your Exterior Painting

Exterior Home Painting

Manufacturers and experts often recommend winter as the best time for exterior wall painting. The interior can be painted anytime, and the conditions will be ideal. But extreme sun or rainfall in monsoon can degrade the quality of the paint. During winters, the dryness in the air and ideal temperature help exterior paint to harden and successfully coat a house’s exterior. 

Best Season to Paint a House Exterior

The optimal painting season for the house exterior is when it is warm, and rain is at a minimum. 

Painting in Summer 

To escape the rain, one may choose summer for painting. But summer doesn’t mean the same all across the country; for areas that experience cyclones or monsoon conditions toward the end of summer, not all of summer is ideal for painting. In places like this, start painting in the early summers.

During Monsoon 

Exterior paints should only be applied on dry surfaces. Amid heavy rainfall, you’ll hardly find any.

Painting in Autumn

Temperature fluctuations also play a key role, as paint doesn’t dry well when temperatures vary drastically. For that reason, early fall may also be a good time of year to paint.

Best Paints for Exterior Painting

Home painting exterior walls

A weather proof paint can stand up to any weather condition; it should also last for years. A water-based 100% acrylic exterior emulsion is ideally suited for dry or moderately humid climatic conditions. These paints can tolerate harsh sunlight or rain longer than other water-based paints; walls can be washed, and will be scuff resistant. 

Tips For Exterior Painting In Cold Weather

  • Check the weather temperature: It’s recommended to paint above 15°C, or the paint may not bond on the cold walls properly. It’s recommended to paint midday when the sun is out.
  • Avoid rain: It can also rain in the winter. So don’t rely on weather trends and check local weather conditions before exterior home painting.
  • Dew factor: Dewdrops all over the exterior walls make it wet overnight. This problem can be faced when painting early in the morning.

Important things to remember for exterior house painting   

  • Keep the surface dry: it’s very important to paint only on dry surfaces. Otherwise, the pain won’t stick properly to the walls.
  • Avoid extreme sun: Sunlight can become a problem for exterior painting. This can dry the paint sooner than usual, restricting it from covering the walls properly.
  • Avoid rain: wait four or more hours after it rains. Only then can paint be applied. Paint can’t stand rain just after applied; minimum 2 hrs to be given.

Get professional help

Before picking up, the painting brushes all by yourself, get some professional help— with express painting. Our experts can suggest the best and most efficient ways to paint quickly. Our modern equipment and Berger Exterior Paints solutions will give your house a perfect look. Check if your exterior walls are wet before painting with the Berger moisture meter.


Homeowners choose professional painters for good reasons. The chief reason is timing. If poor weather is on its way, contact professional painters for the job.


How often do you paint a house’s exterior? 

Expect your exterior paint to last between 7 to 10 years. But there are several important factors to keep in mind here: the quality of the paints and services used, regional climate conditions, and the age of the walls. The well-maintained paint job will last between 5 to 10 years.

What is the best temperature to paint outside?

The best temperature to paint outside is 15 to 35 degrees Celsius. Temperatures lower than 15°C aren’t ideal for exterior painting. Other than temperature, humidity, dew point, etc., also matters.

How long do the paints last after one coating? 

One coat of acrylic paint can easily last 5-7 years outside of your walls. Although the environment, painting services also matter.

What are the steps to make the exterior paint to last long? 

  • Apply primers before painting 
  • Apply paints on dry surfaces
  • Make sure there’s no rain just after painting
  • Opt for good painting services
  • Apply paints in mild days

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